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UnlockForUs Ultimate collection of (How-To) Windows Vista Tweaks, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks. This is being updated frequently, so check it out and Enjoy Learning Windows Vista!

Using WinBubbles as TweakUI for Windows 7 (and Vista)

New! Windows 7 Login Screen Wallpaper Changer Utility

New! Add Disk Defrag, Check Disk and Disk Cleanup to Disk Context menu

*** Improving Windows Experience Index Score for free

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WinBubble version 2 was released  UnlockForUs "Useful", Easy to use Customization and Tweaking Utility for Windows Vista 

Download WinBubbles for Windows 7 and Vista: Click Here
Old version designed for Vista - WinBubble 1.76 

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WinGuggle 2.4, Get your Windows Vista-XP Product Key easily UnlockForUs "Useful", Product Key Recovery Tool, System Information Profiler and OEM Customization for Windows 7/Vista/XP

Download WinGuggle 2.4 (64/32 bit version) Click here
Download WinGuggle  2.3 (64/32 bit version) Click Here 
Download WinGuggle  2.3 (64-bit version only) Click Here 
Download WinGuggle  2.1 (64/32 bit version) Click Here 
Download WinGuggle 1.6: Click Here    Backup

*MajorGeeks.com Editor's Pick
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*Freewarefiles.com Editor's Pick
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WinTinker Password Generator, make sure that passwords that you will use are strong and secure.

Download WinTinker:   Click Here

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RegDevelop: Open For All – IDE For Geeks - a small, safe and intelligent way of creating the Next Generation of Customization Programs and TweakUI For Windows.

WinFlog eXTreMe, "You're in Control", Enhances your Windows Vista Experience by Powering-up Context Menu such as Monitor OFF, Aero OFF, Customizing the Middle Mouse button and Many more...

*Softpedia 100% Clean Award
*Download.hr 100% Clean Award and 5-Stars Award
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New! How to get the Current CPU Clock Speed, Computer Service Tag Number, Bios Name and Version using WMI

New! How to Remove items at most recently used lists for Run Window

New! How to increase USB storage performance

New! Save more space by Removing Windows Service Pack Folders

New! Save Energy by Adding “Turn Off Monitor/LCD” to Folders and Orb Ball in Windows 7 and Vista

New! Have Fun Learning CSS

New! How to Install IIS (Internet Information Services) in Windows Server

New! Using BCDEDIT to change and modify Windows Boot Entries

New! Using Regdevelop to create Windows Update Registry Program

New! Save more data by clearing Google Chrome History

New! Show Control Panel in my Computer for other version of Windows

Recent News

*** Innovation Wave – Users will become more Happy Soon


* Unlocking WinBubble Part 1 *Tips and Tweaks

Unlocking WinBubble Part 2 *Icon Customizations

Unlocking WinBubble Part 3 *Securing your desktop

Unlocking WinBubble Part 4 *Screensaver Customizations

Unlocking WinBubble Part 5 *Optimize your Windows Vista Experience

Unlocking WinBubble Part 6 *More Security options

Unlocking WinBubble Part 7 *Miscellaneous Tweaks

* Unlocking WinBubble Part 8 *Customizing Windows Vista Icons easily

* How To Create your own Tweaking Toolbox

* Adding your applications to Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)

* "My Tweaker Tool", Create your Own Tweaker

***** [Vista] Easily Change Hard Disk Icons

WinFlog eXTreMe

Registry Hack! How to Launch Applications using the Middle Mouse Button

* Shutdown, Restart, Lock, Sleep Or Hibernate your Computer using the Middle Mouse Button

* Eject your CD/DVD using a Keyboard Shortcut

* How To Activate Flip 3d using the Middle Mouse Button / Scroll Wheel Button

How To Turn Off Aero using the Middle Mouse Button

* Eject your CD/DVD using the Middle mouse button


RegDevelop, Create your own WinBubbles - IDE For Geeks! 

RegDevelop Hidden Features

RegDevelop Part 1 – Introduction and Screenshots

RegDevelop Part 2 – Using Button, Label and PictureBox Controls

RegDevelop Part 3 – Using CheckBox and TextBox Controls

*** Using RegDevelop to Create your own Hardware and System Information Program

*** Using Regdevelop to create Windows Update Registry Program

Simple Portable Drive Scanner

*** How to Customize or Change the Welcome Screen Background in Windows 7

[Easy Fix] Enabling Registry Editor


Windows Vista Security Tips

***** Creating a Backdoor in Windows Vista Welcome Screen

[How] Hack Attack: Easily Crack the Google Chrome Saved Password using the Built-In Decryption Utility Feature

[Vista/XP] Worm Busted Part 2! How to Detect, Clean/Remove Manually inside the USB Flash Drive

* The Best Protection Against Worms in Windows Vista


* Opening CD/USB Drive "Application not found" [Vista-XP Security: Virus/Worm Busted!]

Opening CD/USB Drive "Application not found" [Vista-XP Security: Virus/Worm Busted!]-2

Password to Folder? Setting the Ownership Of File or Folder to the Current User

[Vista Security] Manually Selecting the programs to be elevated or Run outside the Internet Explorer

* Monitor attempts to access and change settings in Windows Vista

* Secure logon for Windows XP and Vista

Useful "Access denied", opening a folder in Windows Vista

*** I SEE YOU...view your connections

Unlock Me! Disabling USB drives/Storage

* Restriction: Locking System Time and Date Settings

How to Remove, Create and Add Security Policy: Disable/Enable IE7 and the New IE8 Restrictions

Disable Auto Play in All types of Media

Computer Network Related Tips and Tricks:

* Internet Connection Sharing to Several Computers using Windows

Shortcut Key to Disconnect GPRS, EDGE, 3G/HSDPA Dial-up Internet Connection in Windows Vista

Simple Way to Monitor Opened Files in a Shared Folder Across the Network

USEFUL Simple Ways to Tweak your Network and Internet Connections- Part 1

USEFUL Simple Ways to Tweak your Network and Internet Connections- Part 2

* [Vista/XP] How to Set up Ad hoc Wifi Wireless Networking Without a Router

[Vista/XP] How to Share Internet Connection in Ad hoc Network

* Hide your computer in the Network

* [Help] How to Setup Broadband DSL Internet Connection in Windows Vista for a Single PC

How to Get the Windows Experience Index (WEI) score of a Network Computer


Quick Tips

* Inserting Special Characters with Windows Character Map

How to Copy & Paste Text from CMD or Command Prompt Window

Annoyed? A Windows Vista Power Button that actually Turns off your PC

Useful Opening Network Connections Window easily

Useful Simplest way to Save Time in using Google Search

Quick Tip: How to Find and Get the Windows Directory Name or Folder

Quick Tip: Create a shortcut and Go directly to Device Manager

* Speeding Up! Using Quick Launch Toolbar's Keyboard Shortcut

USEFUL Quicktip: How to prolong your Laptop Battery

Useful Windows Vista Home Premium is Asking for Product Key

* HideDrivesWithNoMedia


Windows Vista Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

Tips for creating strong passwords on Windows 7 (and Vista)

Easy To Remember Password Generator

Encrypted Password Generator For Online Banking, Mails, Facebook, Friendster and Other Social Networking Sites: You don’t need to remember difficult-to-memorize secure password anymore

How to Refresh your Icons, Explorer and Update Group Policies settings instantly

How to Add Control Panel Items in Windows 7 and Vista (Folders, Programs or Applications)

[Windows 7 only] Keyboard Shortcut to Turn Off - On Aero

Adding Icons to Right-Click Menus in Windows 7 (only)

Simple way to change the Start Menu Button Settings in Windows Vista

How to Change the Command Prompt Background and Text Color

*** Easy Way to Archive Youtube Videos in Windows 7 and Vista

Easy way to hide files and folder in Windows 7 and Vista

* How to Get the Product Key in 64-bit version of Windows 7 and Vista

The Four Hidden Google Chrome Icons

Enhanced! Display/Clear the Recent Programs in Windows 7 and Vista Start Menu 

How to Use Disk Cleanup Maintenance Utility in Windows 7 and Vista

How to Hide Direct Download Links

How to get your Computer and Server IP address

Using Event Viewer in Windows 7 and Vista

Another Way to Add Icons to Desktop

Simple Ways to Improve/Enhance Windows Vista Performance

Command Line Switches for msconfig.exe (System Configuration Utility) and Tools Tab Customization

*** Customized Short and Long URL or Web Site Addresses

Dxdiag Command Line options

All folders are gone in USB flash Drives

How to Access the Network Connection List window in Windows 7 and Vista

Reset Windows 7 User Account Password (and vista)

Display the Last Logon Time for Users

How to Remove Invalid “Open With” Menu Program Entry

Disconnect Button is not responding in Windows 7

Download Vista SP2 - New Service Pack for Windows Vista

Keyboard Shortcut to Shutdown Button

* Free Vista Password Reset Tool – How to Create a USB Recovery Disk

* Easily Remove or Set OEM Logo and Support Information in Windows 7/Vista/XP

* Show the Hidden Shutdown Dialog Window in Windows Vista

Error-Checking of Logical Drives in Windows 7 and Vista

Use Automatic Completion of Directory or Path for Command Prompt in Windows Vista

Changing the Default Search For Executables Path in Command Prompt

Add "Disable UAC" or "Enable UAC" to Right-click Menu / Context Menu

How to Show/Remove the Language Bar in Windows Vista Taskbar

Unable to Change the Login Password in Windows Vista

* Universal Script Template in Elevating Commands as Administrator in Windows Vista

* Add "Hide This File" and "Hide This Folder" to your Right-Click / Context Menu in Windows Vista and XP

Cool Use the Task Manager like a Widget or Sidebar Gadgets

Fun Stuff Task Manager's Menu Bar, Tabs, Minimize, Maximize and Close Button is Missing in Windows XP and Vista

Nokia [Vista] FIX: Your phone is in file transfer mode and cannot be used with PC Suite...

Complete [Vista] Icon Changer (It's FREE!)

Clean Up Time Removing Right-Click Menu Items, Customizing and Changing File Type Icons (File Extension) in Windows Vista

Useful How to Make/Create a Bootable USB Flash Disk Windows Vista Installer

Useful System File Checker Tool: Scans, Checks and Restore Corruptions in Windows System Files

Useful [Help] How to Fix, Repair and Restore (Recover) Windows Vista Easily

* Customize your Folder Icons to Enhance Windows Vista Experience

[Vista/XP] Easily Remove/Clean-up Internet Explorer Context Menu Entry

* [Vista] Adding Internet Explorer Icon, Network, Control Panel, Username and Public Folder to Desktop

[Vista/XP] Add Safely Remove Hardware (UNPLUG) in Right-Click/Context Menu

[Vista] How to Reset IE Security Warning "A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer" to default

* [Vista/XP-IE] How to Show the File Download Window after "Always ask before opening this type of file" was Unchecked

Lost? How to Find or Specify the Download Directory Before and After Downloading a file

[Vista] How to Restore Folder Icons to Default

Download Free Amazing MyColor Themes

HELPFUL [Vista] Hibernate Button is gone

[Vista/XP] How to Enable or Disable a User Account

Internet Explorer Command to Delete Temporary Files, All History, Passwords and Forms

WOW Hacking Bubbles Screensaver: The First WinBubble Video

BLOG UnlockME: Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox 3 doesn't load the latest web page

POPULAR [Vista/XP] How to Customize your OEM Information

[Vista/XP] Launch and Run Programs during Startup

 The Most Annoying message next to UAC: "This Driver is Blocked Due to Compatibility Issues"

Advanced: How to Create/Generate a New GUID using Vb.Net, C# and Vb.Script

USEFUL Add "Remove Temp Files" to Right-Click Menu

Hacking WinBubble: Customizing the Restore Point Creator designed for Windows Vista

Create a Shortcut for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Lock and Hibernate Button

Extremely Useful Add "Create a Restore Point" to your Context Menu

Educational How to Run VBScripts as Administrator in Windows Vista

Useful Notes Before Taking the Ownership of File and Folder

WinBubble Tip: Adding Device Manager to Right-Click Menu in Windows Vista

FUN Greetings, Reminders Or Any Message Before Entering Windows Vista

How to Hide or Disable a User Account at the Welcome Screen in Windows Vista/XP (Local and Remote Users)

Useful Registry Editor Tip: Change the Open Folder Icon, Helps in Finding Any Registry Keys and Values

Pin the Search Shortcut in the Start Menu

"Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver"

How to Open/Load .ISO Files in Windows Vista/XP

Windows Vista SP1 File Removal tool: Free up more space on your hard drive

How to Show/Hide Start Menu Search in Windows Vista Service Pack 1, I Unlock This First!!!

Hardware Problem After Installation of Windows Vista SP 1

USEFUL Windows Live Writer: File Upload Failed

NEW How to Enable/Disable Task Manager option in Windows Vista

UnlockMe! "Windows has blocked some startup programs"

How to Remove/Disable Start-up programs in Windows Vista

* Add "Hide/Show Computer" in Network Icon Context Menu

Registry Hack! How to Restore DVD Drive Label / Names in Windows Vista

How to Enable/Disable "On Resume, Display Logon Screen"

NEAT Kill 'em All: Close Multiple Programs at the Same Time

POPULAR Branding your Windows Vista Computer

* NETPLWIZ, Advanced User Accounts Control Panel

The Windows Desktop Bug

POPULAR Turn Off Aero using a Keyboard Shortcut

Customizing Windows Vista: Using Large Icons in the Taskbar's Quick Launch toolbar

Customizing OEM Logo in Windows Vista

Pinning All Shortcuts to Start Menu

POPULAR Enable the Two Hidden Aurora's in Windows Vista

Unlock Me! Pinning your icons in the start menu

POPULAR Fun Stuff! Hack your Windows Experience Index (WEI) score

Speed Up! Use the "Quick Explorer" to navigate your files easily

UnlockThis! Shock 4way 3D, adds a WOW factor

POPULAR Windows Vista Tip, Create an Aero On Off and Flip3D Shortcut

Windows Vista Benchmarking tool

* Windows DVD Maker, create your own Professional-looking video DVDs

* Login Automatically in Windows Vista

* Ten ways on enhancing your Windows Vista User Experience

* Gear up your new Windows Vista OS with tweaks for beginners

Tweak your Windows Vista, the easiest way when arranging your files

File association problem in Windows Vista

Low 'Virtual Memory' warning on Windows Vista

Internet Explorer 7 Top Ten features

Capture anything on your screen with Windows Snipping tool

Show 'Open command window here...

* Partitioning your Drive in Windows Vista


Google Chrome

Useful [Google Chrome] Synchronize your Bookmarks / Favorites Across Two or more Computers (Passwords too!) 

NEW Google Chrome Temporary Files location (Cache), Bookmarks/Favorites Database Hack!

[How] Opening Google Chrome SQLite V3 Database Files

Hack [How] Opening Google Chrome Files: History, Archived History, Cookies, Thumbnails and Web Data

[Help] Where's the "Recent Pages" Button in Google Chrome? It's Gone!

[Help] Where is Google Chrome Homepage Button, Gone?

[Help-Files] Find, Edit and Change Google Chrome Download Directory Location

* Tips and tricks: Google Chrome Secret Pages Hack!

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

How to Create a Random Number Generator in Excel using VBA without Repetition

Can't Find Insert ActiveX and Form Controls in Excel 2007 (Buttons, Combo Box, Check Box, Option Button and List Box)

Security Warning Some Active Content has been disabledSecurity Warning Some Active Content has been disabled



Quick Tip [Help] How to Get your Feed-ID (Blog-ID)

[Vista] Download uTorrent Manually To Update and Prevent the Error "Access is Denied"

How to Download and Watch NOVA Programs: Science and Technology in Full Episodes for Free

Windows 7 - aka "Vista version 2.0"

*** Windows 7 New Features, Technologies and Terms to Learn

How to Burn ISO Files or Disc Images in Windows 7

How to get and play mp4 Youtube videos in Windows 7

How to Refresh your Icons, Explorer and Update Group Policies settings instantly

[Windows 7] Keyboard Shortcut to Turn Off - On Aero

Adding Icons to Right-Click Menus in Windows 7

Improving Windows Experience Index Score for free

Add Turn Off/On Aero to Computers Right-Click Menu in Windows 7 (and Vista)

Easily Change the Default Download Directory in Windows 7

How to Add Start Menu Recent Item List in Windows 7

How to Create System Repair Disk for Windows 7

New! Quickly Displays the Logon Time for Vista Users

* Hiding Drives with No Media mounted in Windows 7

* The New Windows 7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkey Lists

* Hotkey to open a program in Administrator mode or Privilege in Windows 7

* Easily Remove or Set OEM Logo and Support Information in Windows 7/Vista/XP

* Fun Stuff! How to Change Windows Experience Index (WEI) in Windows 7

* Setup a Backdoor in Windows 7 Welcome Screen

* How to Create a Password Recovery USB Disk in Windows 7

Using Windows 7 BitLocker To Go, Secures USB Flash Disk Easily

How To Remove BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7

* Skip the Welcome Screen in Windows 7/Vista/XP

Windows 7 RC Download Problem: 32-bit and 64-bit

* TweakUI For Windows 7 : The Ultimate Tweaker

*** Optional update delivery is not working - “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.”

**** “An unauthorized change was made to Windows. You must reinstall or restore Windows system files to activate.”

Windows 7 Features: New UI, Networking, Media Player, Device Stage and Customizations

Windows 7 "Touch For Engineers"

[Code 500] Downloading Windows 7 RC – Internal server error

Cracking the 8-Character Windows Vista Password for three to five days

Important Changes to Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1


[C#] How to Get the Selected Index and Selected Item Text in List View Control

[C# and VB.Net] Program Compatibility Assistant Message in Windows 7 (and Vista)

Windows Vista Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. UnlockForUs Ultimate Windows Vista computer help guide, only here at UnlockForUs.Blogspot.com.



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