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How to keep your Internet connection to stop disconnecting after a few hours

This is a problem for people with mobile internet connections. People that is always on the road.

Reply from bytes=32 time=493ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=491ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=498ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=488ms TTL=51

Make it stay connected even if your internet connection is slow and moving from one place to another.

Click the  Start Menu, key in “cmd”, press enter and use the syntax below.

ping yahoo.com –t

Reply from bytes=32 time=517ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=546ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=521ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=524ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=523ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=562ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=527ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=539ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=599ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=519ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=529ms TTL=51

Very useful…. Great for dial-up modems!

Enjoy! :)


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All folders are gone in USB flash Drives

According to AVG only 3% of today’s security problems are caused by ‘traditional’ viruses and in my experience, most of them are using the older version of Windows.


Ok, many Windows users asked me several weeks ago how in the world their files are missing in just few minutes. After examining the flash disk, I found out worms are responsible for hiding the files and it self propagates through autorun.inf again.

During that day I remembered the good old useful article in vista.

How to Show all hidden Folders

Be sure that you have scanned and cleaned all the virus in your drive first and proceed with the How to guide below.

Open the command prompt as administrator


Once it opens, go to your usb drive (in my case drive g)and launch the attrib command as shown below:

g:                                                   and press enter

attrib -h -s -r -a * /s /d                    



The parameters will depend on the worm virus that infected your system so I included all of them.

That’s it! Hope this helps!


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NASA STS-129 Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver









Hobaugh will maneuver Atlantis through a back flip rotation to expose the heat shield when Atlantis is about 600 feet from the station. The photos will be transmitted to mission control for checking and evaluation to determine whether the heat shield sustained any damaged and problems during launch.

If your one of the NASA fans you can save the video directly.

STS-129 Booster Camera Video


You can click the link above but it is recommended to copy and paste the url directly in Windows Media Player by pressing CTRL+u.



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NASA LCROSS Mission: Shooting to the Moon

According to NASA the LCROSS mission was designed to search for water on the moon. The LCROSS mission is going to accomplish this by sending a rocket into the moon causing a huge blast and impact creating a crater, throwing tons of potentially water ice and vapor above the lunar surface.


To get a  better idea about the project download and watch the mission overview here:




Tips and Tricks

How To get the live feed and streaming video from NASA:

Open your Windows Media Player and press CTR+u


Paste the link below:


NASA Public Channel


Have Fun!


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Advanced: Another Way to Add Icons to Desktop

Creating a shortcut icon to desktop is very easy and one of the useful invented features in Windows. Did you ever asked why some system icons has no overlay shortcut arrow icon?  e.g. Computer, Network, Recycle Bin and Internet Explorer Icon.

Tweak with winbubbles?  Maybe…

Now, I’m going to share how to create icons in Desktop like those system icons that we usually see.

1. Create or Provide a reference number called GUID which is unique to identify a particular icon. Learn first how to generate a new GUID for each Icon that you’ll create.

2. In this example I’m going to use the Guid:


3. Find and Open Regedit.exe using the Start Menu Quick Search and navigate to the Subkeys below:


*If you can’t see the Desktop and Name space keys… just create a new subkey


4. Create a new Key inside called {9e4e00f2-7abc-44b6-9853-e807cdb1dccb}


5. Navigate the following subkeys:


and create {9e4e00f2-7abc-44b6-9853-e807cdb1dccb} subkey again.

In this example we will put an icon of WinAmp to Desktop as shown below:


You’ll noticed that the Icon has no Shortcut arrow overlay.

6. Gather the data needed like Icon Path, File Path and Program Name.

Enter the Program Name at the (default) of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9e4e00f2-7abc-44b6-9853-e807cdb1dccb} subkey

e.g. WinAmp

Create the following Subkeys: DefaultIcon, Shell\Open\command inside the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9e4e00f2-7abc-44b6-9853-e807cdb1dccb} Registry Path


Double Click the created subkey HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9e4e00f2-7abc-44b6-9853-e807cdb1dccb} \DefaultIcon and enter the Icon Path.

e.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe,0

Enter the File Path that corresponds to the Command to Open the Program at:


e.g. C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe

That’s it. 

Enjoy! :)

Difficult or easy? Please Stay Tuned…


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Simple Ways to Improve/Enhance Windows Vista Performance

run Speed up Vista! This is the most directly and indirectly talked topic in the internet for 2 years the day after Windows Vista was launched.

In this article, I’m going to give several ways to Increase your laptop and PC performance.

Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and 2

When Windows Service Pack 1 was released, we have seen huge performance increase in File Management, Compatibility and Windows Shell Stability. Windows Vista Service Pack 2 makes it more stable and faster. I’m using the new Service pack for few weeks now and it looks good.

Increase your RAM

For sure… Buying more RAM in Vista will help you while in Multiple Task - launching and using several apps at the same time.

Fresh Installation of Windows Vista

Windows was designed to operate in multiple cases or hybrid environment. So, definitely tracking those changes is extremely difficult or almost impossible to detect. If you upgrade the copy of your Windows to Vista, I don’t agree that it is the same or faster than a newly installed copy of Windows.

Manage Startup Programs or Softwares

Some softwares start themselves automatically when you start and logon to Windows. If there are too many of programs opening at the same time during user login, this can slow down your computer.

Read my previous article about Disabling Startup Programs

Using WinBubbles

WinBubble will let you access quickly some important options hidden in Windows Vista that will give some boost in performance.


Read more about the options here

Power options


Changing the power plan to High Performance will speed up your computer especially in Laptop computers.

However when laptop battery is in used, this option will definitely eat up a lot of battery usage.

In this case Power saver mode is recommended.

Adjusting Visual Effects

Changing the Performance options that can be found in the old System Properties Window will definitely give you more options to adjust. However, Choosing the best Performance is not recommended because your desktop will look like Windows 98.


Custom options is recommended:

  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing – If this option is unchecked, It will definitely speed up opening of window and apps. Read here

To see is to believed

Proof: Try to Uncheck the option and open a Picture (.jpg or png) using Windows Photo Gallery.

  • Show Window Content while dragging and Enable Transparent glass – These options should be unchecked for low performance computers. For high-performance PCs, It’s up to you.
  • Fading options will make you feel slow. Uncheck the Fade options for menus and especially Tooltips.
  • Sliding options also will open some features a little bit slow like combo box and task bar buttons. Its up to you if you’ll disable this feature.
  • Translucent Selection triangle is one of the useful features that will help those people with eye problems. Try to disable first and if your not having some difficulty without the feature, you can permanently disable the option.



  • Shadows will help you differentiate some things easily. Experiment by trying to Disable these options for menus and mouse pointer.
  • Other options will depend on user preferences. Just try and experiment with it. Enjoy! :)

Tweak your Internet Connections

Here are some ways to speed up your Internet Connection. Read here

Increase your Disk Space by using the Clean up Tool

You can increase the space of your Hard drive after installation of Vista SP2 by running the tool called compcln.exe in command prompt. It will make the installation of SP2 permanent by removing the other files. Note: If your computer lags… just wait until it is finished.

The old Tip: Use Disk Clean Up and Defragment the drive afterwards.


Advance Tools


Start Menu Quick Search > typ “perf” and click to Open Performance and Information Tools Window

Push Advanced Tools button located at the Right-Side of the Window and once the window opens, you’ll see more options and messages if there are some performance issues especially in shutting down and opening your computer (Source: Microsoft).


More Tip: Add “Remove Temporary Files” in your Right Click Menu

I’m sure… after trying these simple steps. You’ll feel an increased in speed and It’s like using the new OS of Microsoft called Windows Seven.

Enjoy! :)


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Download Vista SP2 - New Service Pack for Windows Vista

Vista The latest service pack both for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista includes all the updates delivered since SP1. Therefore, make sure that you are running the previous version of Service Pack before installing the new one.




It Supports new types of hardware and simplifies deployment for all users.


Important Changes that you will noticed: Stability and Performance


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Quick Tip: Speed up Minimize and Maximize of Window in Windows Vista

To see is to believed: For two days now, I am trying to emulate the speed of Windows 7 in Vista. One feature that can be access by anyone is increasing the speed of maximizing and minimizing a window by removing the animation feature.


Simply press Windows Key + R to launch the Run Window and type rundll32.exe Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL SysDM.cpl,,3

Alternatively, you can press Win+Pause and once the System Window opens click the “Advance system settings” located at the left side of the window. Afterwards UAC will open, just push the Continue button.


In Performance Group, Click the Settings Button. Performance option window will open and in Visual Effect Tab click the “Custom:” option.


Simply uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing and hit the Apply Button.

That’s it.

Proof: Disable the feature and open a Picture (.jpg or png) in  Pictures folder using Windows Photo Gallery.

I’m sure you’ll noticed a huge difference… especially if Windows Vista SP2 is already installed. It’s close to Windows 7 speed.

Enjoy :D


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Clean-up your Registry using RegistryBooster 2009

I would like to thank Uniblue.com for this month donation in this blogsite. It will help me maintain and create more products faster… Thank you very much!

The truth is, they did not ask me to write something about their product. However, when I tried it out, I was amazed because it was very very easy to use.


The product is good. It will help you automate finding problems easily.


Also, the most important thing… It will let you create a backup before cleaning your registry.

It’s a must to try.


Enjoy! :)

If you want to learn more about the registry and what can you do about it. Check out my Tips:

Windows Vista Tips and Secrets, Tricks, Tweaks, Unlocks and Downloads

Also… Please check out my other Softwares related to Registry Booster 2009:

Read Here


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Getting the Computer Specs, Performance and Speed Information in Windows 7 and Vista

computer If you want to buy a new laptop, netbook or PC. There are several simple ways to check the specifications and performance if it is running in Windows Vista or 7.


Windows Experience Index score indicates the overall capability and performance of your PC or for simple explanation it is a free benchmark tool that will guide you in buying a new computer. You can access them through Performance Information and Tools Window.

Speed and Performance Information

Simply type “Performance info” in Start Menu Search and press the Enter Key.


You can re-check the values by clicking “update my score” to prevent yourself from being trick if the wei scores was hack. You can also check in Windows 7 from my previous article – click here.

What do these numbers mean?

You can click the link to open the help documentation by Microsoft as shown in the picture above.

Monitoring the Performance in real-time


If you want to check the computers performance using the task manager. Simply Press CTRL+Shift+Esc to launch the tool and click the Performance Tab.

You can also make it like a widget… Read here

Checking the specifications of the computer in one location

The new version of WinGuggle aims to provide the most useful and powerful System Information in one location in just few clicks! The new tool gathers key information such Basic System Summary, Audio, Video Card information, drives and many more!

Using Windows Built-in Tools

There are several ways to check the hardware specifications in Windows. One of them is by launching the Old tool called DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Simply Press Win+R > type “dxdiag” without quotes and you can check and see the overall System Summary Information, Display (or Video Card Information – really useful!), Sound and Input devices.


or you can also launch a more detailed view of System Information using msinfo32.exe tool.

Enjoy! :)


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Standard Battery Benchmark will accelerate Innovation

AMD is proposing a simple and realistic benchmark using only two parameters: Active Time and Resting Time. For simple explanation – Best Case and Worse Case.

If all the manufacturers will agree to this idea, I think it will accelerate the research and development because it will put some pressure to big companies to invest on extending the life of batteries in the future.

It will start a good competition that will benefit the users and the world.

Thanks Mr. David Pogue of Nytimes.com for the video.

Read more:

Innovation Wave – Users will become more Happy Soon


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How to Remove Invalid “Open With” Menu Program Entry


In Windows 7 and Vista, there is no option or easy way to clean-up any incorrect Open with Menu items.

Today, I’ll give several ways to remove any wrong program from the list.

Open the powerful Registry Editor by typing “regedit” in Start Menu Search









Go to the following Subkey:


Instance 1:

Next, find the corresponding extension. e.g. .txt


Click OpenWithList

MRUList data value ab means a and b will be included in the list (notepad and google chrome). If you want to remove Google Chrome. Just change the Value data of MRUList to a only.

How about Visual Basic and C#?

Simply navigate to .txt in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT



simply delete the two registry entries…

That’s it!


You can also backup first using the Export option.

Note: Back-Up First Before Removing any entry

Instance 2:



Choose and Simply delete the binary value type registry entry of the program you want to remove.

Instance 3:

If instance 1 seems confusing because many program is listed but not included in the list, browse the file extension like the path below and  you’ll noticed a registry subkey that corresponds to the Program.



Again, simply delete the subkey.

Instance 4:

Some programs like mspaint.exe is very difficult to remove. Go to the path below and delete the corresponding supported file type such as .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png


Difficult? Please stay tuned for the next version of WinBubbles!

If I find again new ways to delete the wrong program in Open with menu, I’m going to update this article.

Be careful and don’t forget to Backup… Enjoy! :)


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This is a new registry value added in Windows 7 that will let you hide empty drives in My Computer Window.


Type “regedit” in Start Menu Search, open the Registry Editor and go to the Registry key or folder above.


You’ll see the dword type HideDrivesWithNoMedia is set by default to 1.

It corresponds to checked option in Folder Options


If unchecked, HideDrivesWithNoMedia will be set to zero.

Check out more about the hidden option in my new Windows 7 Blogsite. Click here



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How to Copy & Paste Text from CMD or Command Prompt Window


This is an old tip but useful in everyday Windows Geek computing. Some of the articles in the internet uses the Title Window to copy text. My Tip will let you directly copy Text from your old DOS-like command line interpreter screen.

While googling and randomly reading articles from the web (getting to sleep). I noticed the instructions to copy Text from Cmd tool.


Right-Click the Title Window > Edit > Mark

I’ve been using a different procedure for a very long time now. Maybe since Windows 2000 and XP. I don’t remember.


Just Right-Click the screen then Choose the Mark option.

That’s it! :D


Simply select the Text that you want to copy by highlighting the text. No need to press Shift key and arrow keys.

To copy the Text: Push the Mouse Right-Click Button.

or press Ctrl+C

The text has been copied to your Clipboard… You can now paste the data to any application such as notepad, wordpad or MS Office.

Still works in Windows 7 and Vista!

Please my other Tips.



Innovation Wave – Users will become more Happy Soon

This is the list of New Products recently that I think has a fair and big chance of hitting the jackpot.

Windows 7


Windows 7 is the new operating system by Microsoft. The OS is fast, stable, user experience is amazing and few annoyances. The good thing in this OS is that it will run on low end PCs.

For more information about Windows 7, check out the article from Wikipedia and my new blog dedicated to Windows 7 tips and tricks.

Google Wave


Google Wave is the new project by Google designed to unite different messaging technology into one. It is an open-source computing platform that will merge e-mail, instant messaging and social networking.

Watch the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009. It’s really cool… Nice!

For developers check out some Google Wave API samples.

Project Natal

It is a new way to play games: no controller is required. Personally, I think the project is possible. I have seen some small science technology projects that utilizes only the camera to analyze the movements and play games. If they added sensors for more accurate detection. It’s possible.

Watch the advertisement at Youtube.com and I’m sure you’ll be amazed.


bing Bing is the new Search Engine develop by Microsoft. They said it was designed to compete with Yahoo and Google but I don’t see any competition because some of it’s features are different.

I will use Google to search anything but certainly I’ll use the Image Seach by Bing. why? It’s a man thing. :D

Check out Bing and try some of it’s features.


I’ll add more soon…


Please checkout my new Software called RegDevelop, IDE for Geeks! It’s first of a kind.


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Open the Hidden Shutdown Dialog Window in Windows 7 and Vista


You can launch or get the old Shutdown Dialog window in Windows XP by using the Classic Start Menu.

Also, you can do this in Windows Vista by changing the options.


But, I guess most of us doesn’t use any more the classic Start Menu especially in Windows Vista because of the Start Menu Search feature.

If you miss the old times and just want to see the old shut down dialog box. No problem! Without switching to classic Start Menu, you can still launch the Window.

Works in Windows 7 too!

No more classic Start Menu in Windows 7? No problem…

Simple rule: Just make sure that the Desktop is in Focus and then, Press Alt+F4. That’s it!


  • You can click the Desktop

and Press Alt+F4


You can also use the keyboard shortcut in Windows 7 and Vista: Win+D to minimize all the Window and then Press Alt-F4. That’s it!

Cool thing

The Hidden Trick in Windows XP… CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Cancel Button to cleanly close the Explorer. Works too!

Great for installing or applying some tweaks and if you like to shutdown the explorer process in a different way.

But I guess you’ll use other ways to close the Windows Explorer.



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Free Vista Password Reset Tool – How to Create a USB Recovery Disk

security Prevention is better than Cure: This is one of the useful feature of Windows Vista. There is a built-in USB password reset feature that will let you backup the user account and password information. Just incase you forget your password, lose the smart card  or when your fingers was cut by accident… :D

You can still accessed the account by resetting the password.

Open the start menu and simply click the User Account Picture


User Accounts Window will open and click the Create a password reset disk located at the left side part of the window.


Forgotten Password Wizard will open and simply click the Next Button

Change and Set the location of the disk


Enter the current password


If the account doesn’t have a password, leave the box blank (useless junk procedure… no password!)



Just like what Microsoft said, Keep it in a safe place. (secret)

Easy right? Well, Most of the Geeks will launch the User Account Window by pressing Win+R and type Control Userpasswords.

How to use the usb password recovery tool? Enter any incorrect password and Just Click the Reset Password during logon.

For me, I’ll just hack Utilman.exe and create a hidden backdoor in Windows Vista. So that, I can reset any user accounts any time without knowing the password. :D

The procedure is almost the same in Windows Seven. Only the Location of the link for the tool was changed.




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