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(Windows 11) Show Rectangular Window while dragging optimization

If you wish to optimize a little performance while dragging window contents, heres a quick and easy tip.

Running using Win+R

Performance: %windir%\system32\SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe

Uncheck "Show Window Content while dragging"

That's it!


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WinBubble Starter for Windows 11 (Ownership)

Customize and Tweak Windows Easily... This is a quick fix to your Ownership of the Computer.

In this situation, we'll be starting with my try again to create newer version of Windows Tweaker called WinBubbles.





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Solar Power Plant 24hrs operation Started

Unlock For Us is committed to every technological innovation in the past few years.

We are announcing the future plans to put the very first 24 hrs operation of Solar Power Plant in Naga City, Philippines.

Our headquarters, said "Drawings and Plans is on their way for manufacturing the plant."

We will be using CodeBase IO as the main controller of the Power Plant.

Here's some pictures of DC analysic and AC neglected design (24 hrs):

Have Fun!


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Pre Windows 12 Look on Windows 11

This is a simple guide on customizing Windows 11 for the incoming version called Windows 12. Heres the procedure.

Dark Colorization on Desktop

1. Right-Click on Desktop > Personalization > Themes

2. Choose Windows (Dark)


1. Download this Wallpaper


2. Right-Click and Set as Desktop Background

Center Alignment to Left Corner of the Screen

This guide lets you set the options at TaskBar Properties

Read More Here

Have Fun!



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