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Program to open and close the dvd/cd drive in Windows 7 and Vista

Did you ever experience being hijack by a virus that automatically opens your cd-rom drive tray randomly that some people may think its a ghost?

It sounds a joke but my brothers computer was infected by a virus last year that It acts like someone is scaring you.

If that virus was encountered by a non-techie individual, they might think its was a ghost.

The new version of winbubble has many hidden features that is not included or published in several downloading sites.

In the next few days, I’m going to discussed some of the useful winbubble hidden secrets!

Command to open the CD/DVD tray

"[Installed location of WinBubble]\Tools\htool" /cd:open

Command to close the CD/DVD tray

"[Installed location of WinBubble]\Tools\htool" /cd:close

Additional Tip: You can create a keyboard shortcut or hotkey for feature like the feature to turn off and turn on windows aero.

Hope this helps!


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Legal way to get Office 2010 Product Key for Free

StudentLicenseI spent a lot of time this week checking and creating new concepts for the new softwares that I might released for public. WinGuggle for XP caught my attention because I need to update the system summary bug of the program and product key recovery feature in preparation for the incoming Office 2010 by Microsoft.


For the incoming months, there’s a need for me for mobility and my Latitude d630 Laptop is getting bulkier and difficult to bring anywhere so I decided to buy a new limited edition of HP mini-laptop 110-1000.

Expensive for blogging and not recommended for people having some financial difficulties this year. But for me, It will be used for the manufacturing of new softwares for Windows 7 and Vista and participation on the competitions being offered by Nokia and Intel on their platforms this year.

Gambling is not my thing but I decided to go for it. This is not my first time to by a new mini laptop (or famous for its “netbook” names). Last year I bought an EEPC 1000 version but after several weeks of testing, It was too slow for me that I sell it after 2 months of used.

Anyway, HP 110-1000 is really good and the speed is *enough* for programmers and recommended for bloggers. It’s 9-10 months since the released world wide and some of the limited versions was manufactured in Malaysia so, It’s not expensive anymore for a Single Core dual threaded Intel processor.

How Did I Received the Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key?

I talked to one of the people around the store and I said to them that I’m going to buy the laptop if they will give me FREE accessories or any software that can be added because the laptop is not new anymore (for its version).

The lady manager of the store sits on the yellow chair and talked to me that she will give me a free software along with the laptop. hahahaha :D

After several minutes of talking she said, “ok I’m going to give you the MS Office Home and Student 2007”.

Looking at the retailer version and the sticker confirms that It’s eligible for Office 2010 Tech Guarantee, I decided to say “yes” for the offer saving 149.99 dollars :) Better than using Torrents files!

Mini Laptop Cost

$453 - $149.99 = 303.01 dollars only, wow! the Cheapest Laptop  Available!


Eligible for the Office 2010 Tech Guarantee Sticker

Office 2010 downloads will be accessible at general availability. Discs can be ordered for a free. Eligible Office 2007 software must be purchased from Microsoft or an authorized reseller and activated between March 5, 2010 and September 30, 2010.


Request your Office 2010 Product Key by October 31, 2010 using your activated Office 2007 Product Key and dated sales receipt.

Office 2010 Tech Guarantee Limitations

One Office 2010 product per qualifying Office 2007 purchase, limit 25 per person. See the details at www.office.com/techg.

Hope this helps!


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How to Add “Run as Administrator” option to any file types in Windows 7 and Vista


This situation is rare but well known for .Net programmers and useful in every geek computing.

Using the newest version of WinBubble, adding the option to any file types context menu is very easy.

Adding “Run As Administrator” Right-Click Menu option

You don’t need to memorize or go back to this article in order to get the settings.

Open the application and go to Tools Tab.

  • Click the Hidden Secret Button located at the Right Side to enable “Search mode
  • Click the “Windows Explorer (All Files)” button to list all the Context menus saved in your registry.
  • Now you can see the Name and Command values as shown below.


  • Copy to Clipboard the Command

cmd.exe /c takeown /f "%1" && icacls "%1" /grant administrators:F

  • Type the file type extension that you want to edit e.g. .sln file
  • Click the Open with option


Create new Context menu item by putting the values

Name   runas

Command   cmd.exe /c takeown /f "%1" && icacls "%1" /grant administrators:F

Finally, Click the Save Option.

That’s it!

You can do many things without digging your registry, using shell extension editor or writing your own program to add any option to your context menu.

Note: “Take the Ownership” of the file uses Runas to elevate the command to administrator privileges. If you added the option “Take the Ownership”, It will be disabled because Runas can only be used once.

Hope this helps!


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How to Add Icons to Control Panel in Windows 7 and Vista (Folders, Programs or Applications)



Did you ever wonder how mainstream manufacturers such as Intel and AMD add custom Control Panels Items for their hardware?






Using the newest version of WinBubble. Yes you can!

You can add any Programs, Applications and Folders to Control Panel in just few seconds.

Open the Tools Tab of the application, go to My Computer and Control Panel Group, and fill-up all the details.

Adding Folder to Control Panel


Name   My Projects   (or any name that you want)

File/Folder   explorer c:\myfiles\2010\Projects

Tool Tip   Projects for this year

Icon   C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll,68

Click the Set Option. That's it!

Adding Programs to Control Panel


Read here for more details.

That’s it! Enjoy using WinBubbles!


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Yahoo Mail Account Hack! Detect if opened in another location

yahoohoo This is an emulation of the new feature of Gmail to provide an enterprise Bank-Style IP security for emails. My workaround hack provides real-time detection if opened in another location, anywhere in the world!

This is a very simple solution for protecting your email account from hack in another location using yahoo messenger or yahoo mail.

How to detect if your mail has been hack or used by another person

  • Set your yahoo mail to sign-in automatically to yahoo chat once you login.


  • ALWAYS sign-in to your yahoo messenger account and if another person hack your email account in another location. you’ll get this message.


“You have been signed out because you signed in on a different computer or device”

- means another person used your account

  • and vice-versa


“You have been disconnected from chat because you have signed into Yahoo! Messenger from another computer or device.”

It’s just a very simple logic with the same results with Google mail security but in real-time.

But there’s a down side with this trick, If the person manages to click “cancel” very fast, the trick is useless.

I used this and surprisingly it works! One of my friends manage to get my password through a zip cracker in one of my files.

:) long time ago.

Anyhow, Hope this helps!


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How to Check the Processor Type, OS version and BIOS Information on Computer

systemlogo Need to retrieve, find or verify the most important System Information before buying the new laptop or Desktop Computer such as Processor, OS, Memory and BIOS Information?

What’s the quickest way and where?


Quick View of System Information

Click the Start Menu > Right-Click the Computer Link > Properties


It will display the most important information in your computer.


There are some workarounds to manipulate these data and the store that you’ll buy these computer can change the Computer specifications and other information. Now, Using third-party software is recommended to get the latest and correct Information of the computer.


Using WinGuggle to get the System Information

The new version of WinGuggle provides plenty of information to analyze numerous aspects of your computer. Open the System Summary Tab and Double Click the System Information Icon.


Once the System Summary Window is open, you’ll see the latest and detailed Information of your PC.

OS version

If your a computer geek and you want the most detailed information in your Registry. Here’s the complete Registry Key Location of these System Information's that you want to retrieve.

Using Windows Registry


  • SystemBiosDate
  • SystemBiosVersion
  • VideoBiosDate
  • VideoBiosVersion


  • BIOSReleaseDate
  • BIOSVendor
  • BIOSVersion
  • BaseBoardManufacturer
  • BaseBoardProduct



  • ProcessorNameString
  • VendorIdentifier
  • ~MHz (use the decimal value)
  • Identifier

Hope this helps!


Where’s the “Open in New Tab” and “Window” for the New Youtube.com Site



With the revamp version of Youtube website, there are many changes that aims to increase the interaction of the users to the system.

At first, you’ll be having some difficulty adjusting and you might say it’s not good but after one-two days of using the new website.

You will say that the changes are nice and you’ll find more hidden great videos.

One User came to me, “I like the new website but the problem is…. When I used the Right-Click option in the Mouse, I can’t see the Open in New Tab and New Window! Is this a Bug?”


Solution: Right-Click ANY position at the vacant space beside the link.


Use the Picture instead of the Title Link


Note: Internet Explorer only. Works fine with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Hope this helps!


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Add Right-Click Menu Entries to your Network Context Menu

Windows Vista


Windows 7


Some of the built-in network tools are really important in our daily geek computing. Most of these utilities are being used every day for troubleshooting, monitoring and checking.

Putting them to your Networking context menu will speed up everything in just two clicks!

Windows Vista

Open the program WinBubbles and go to Tools Menu, Click the Network option and Add these sample Network Right Click Menu Items.

Endless Ping of Yahoo.com – the option will send a ping command for maintaining your networking connections while on the road. Very Useful for 3G connections…

Name:  Endless Ping of Yahoo.com  (or any name that you want)

Command:   cmd /k ping yahoo.com –t

Cool…. :)

Open my Ftp Server – this item will open your ftp sever using Windows Explorer.

Name:  Endless Ping of Yahoo.com  (or any name that you want)

Command:   c:\windows\explorer ftp://windowsforus.com

IP Configuration  - This option will instantly show the IP Configuration using the built-in command line tool in Windows.

Name:  IP Configuration  (or any name that you want)

Command:   "C:\Program Files\WinBubble\WinBubble 2\Tools\AdminTools" -cmd ipconfig /all

Note: We’re using the Admin Tools in the new version of WinBubble to launch the command line interpreter as administrator or elevated process.

For Windows 7, you need to set first the permission before adding any context menu items.

How? Open regedit.exe and go to this Network registry path


Right-Click > Permissions…


Click the Advance Option


Go to the Owner Tab > Click your account name > Check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects > Hit Apply to set the ownership of the Registry Key


After setting the ownership, you can now set the Permission for your User-ID.


After Setting the Ownership and Permission of the Network Registry key, you can now open WinBubble for Windows 7 to Add the Context Menu Items.

Just use the Windows Vista guide above to easily add any context menu to your Network Icon in Windows 7.

That’s it! Customization Hack for Today!


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How to Refresh your Desktop without restarting Windows 7 and Vista



Some of the useful features of WinBubbles are hidden under the hood.

This is one of the hidden tools that was designed to help users in some of the annoyances that you may encounter in daily use of Windows.

Such as:

  • Icons are not updating even if you press F5
  • Start Menu settings and desktop doesn’t update
  • You need to launch gpupdate /force to update group policies settings

The newest version of WinBubble will do that in just one command.

"[Folder Location of WinBubble]\Tools\AdminTools" –refresh

Read here for more details about the command line parameter


Creating a Keyboard Shortcut To Refresh your Start Menu, Taskbar, Desktop, Windows Explorer and Desktop

  • Right-Click > New > Shortcut


  • In this case I’m using the installed location of WinBubbles in Program Files Folder

"C:\Program Files\WinBubble\WinBubble 2\Tools\AdminTools" –refresh

  • Right-Click > Properties to add the Hot Key that you like to use in launching the command


  • Add the Shortcut key that you want to use and Change the Icon.




How to Accept incoming Dial-up Connections in Windows 7 and Vista

network This is one of the best old features in Windows that everyone must know. Creating local area network between two computers in long distances using your Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) is so cool even if it’s an old stuff already.

Without Internet Charges and Its free….

You don’t have to buy your own server or another internet connection if you want to be able to “connect to home network” and access your LAN when you’re on the road.

Although it’s a little bit slow but it works! Useful of rural areas and emergency backup systems.

Configuring Windows 7 and Vista as a remote access server using your 56k modem (like Dial-up Internet Server) and VPN


  • Select the allowed persons to access your remote computer


  • To setup a dial-up networking server, click to check ”Through a dial-up modem”.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that connects one or more computers to a small, medium and large network such as a business network using the Internet. It is encrypted, so only authorized people have access to the system.

It is considered a network that is layered on top or within International Networks e.g. setting up two computer network via Internet.

  • To setup a VPN, check “Through the Internet” option.


Now, we have easily setup a VPN Server and a Dial-up Networking Server.


For more beginner to advance hidden windows utilities in Windows 7 and Vista, Check out WinBubble, the newest version will help you to access these tools instantly.




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