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How to add password to every important application software or programs you have

This is a must for every day securing of your data and installed programs. Desktop One OS is a new desktop environment technology by this site that enables us to Work plus experience Multimedia features while Securing your Windows.

How to Enable the Password Security feature in Windows

1. Install DirectX 11 FIRST and Desktop One OS, here.

2. Right-Click the Desktop >> Computer >> Password Protection Feature

3. To Restore >> Choose "Restore UAC Security Feature"

That's it!


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Desktop One OS: Work PC plus Multimedia plus Security options

The desktop enhancement OS lets you access your desktop in different ways. Live IPTV Channels for all your family needs and listen to Radio Channels from Philippines to United States.

Custom upgrade for your Windows Desktop.

- Access to Wordpad and Lawrence Spreadsheet directly as an alternative to Office.

- Songs and videos from Archive are free to watch and listen.

- See and hear international IPTV and Radio Channels.

- The fastest search or file finder in the world.

- Access administrative and advanced tools easily.

- Security is not a question because of No Host Code logic, no written program to smell.

- Go back to Windows Easily.


DirectX 11 (Install First)


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CodeBase Electronics: Lawrence Invents more than 100 Inventions

What is CodeBase Electronics? CodeBase lets you design projects easily and can be understand by anyone. It is the analogy to understand binary systems.

True Technologies (TT) by Mr. Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao
Mr. Lawrence Albert is a Filipino Engineer at Naga City, Philippines.

1. He wrote several programs like WinBubble that hits several publications like PC World, freewarefiles.com, majorgeeks.com, Windows Weekly and CNET companies.

2. Later before going to CodeBase Electronics, he invented Maxima-Minima NO or procedural technique to solve ANY problems in Calculus.

3. CodeBase Electronics aims to understand and replace the current trends. He focused on computers and connects everything to it. Now with more than 100 inventions are related to the company.
- SR function is very very understandable and no unknowns.
- Rb or Base Resistance of Transistor biasing "Exact" and "Approximation" techniques was invented by him.

Source: DesktopShell.com


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Exclusive: Listen and Watch whats happening around the world

Crazy about the latest trends in the industry? Go with us and share your thoughts about this new Desktop Shell software called Multimedia OS.

Source: http://desktopshell.com/

The software have songs linked to the archive and movies to watch. Radio and IPTV banners are compilation from iptv-org and archive-org, and of-course Google and Bing, Ultimate-guitar, iconfinder and pixabay bought down fix, thanks.


DirectX 11 (Install First)

Innovators: Engr. Riafe Oliveros-Trinidad and Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao




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