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Quick Tip: A Windows Vista Power Button that actually Turns off your PC

A very simple concept that makes us ask a question, Why Microsoft set the default to turn to sleep instead of shutting down?


Here's how:

1. Open the Run Window. If you can't see the option in your start menu, just press Windows Key+R.

2. Type cmd and press enter > enter powercfg.cpl,1 without spaces, Scroll-down and find the option "Startmenu power button" and Finally, change the options to Shut down as shown in the picture above.

Easy? Enjoy!

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WinBubble Tip: Adding Device Manager to Right-Click Menu in Windows Vista

Recently, I published a Quick Tip in accessing the Device Manager directly. After a few moments of thinking. Why not put it in my Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)?

Using WinBubble you can Add the Device Manager to My Computer, Desktop, All files, folders, or even in Network Icon Context Menu!


Download and open WinBubble, go to Miscellaneous Tab, Click the Computer Button and input these values:

Name: Device Manager or any

Command: mmc.exe C:\Windows\System32\devmgmt.msc

That's it. :)

Recent News: WinBubble now supports this feature!!! you can easily add this to your Computer Icon Right-Click Menu by simply Choosing the option and press "Alt-A". That's it!


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WinBubble, WinSupersite Software Pick of the Week

"If you're looking for a TweakUI replacement for Windows Vista, there are several contenders, but the one that's closest in spirit and functionality is, I believe, WinBubble, a freeware application by Lawrence Albert" - Paul Thurrott

Software pick of the week: WinBubble

Paul Thurrott is one of the few authors, famous Tech writers that I always respect and look upon. He is the host of Windows Weekly at TWiT.TV with Leo Laporte, which attracts over 80,000 downloads for each episode.

I never thought Paul Thurrott and Woody Leohnard will choose my software as TWEAKUI REPLACEMENT FOR VISTA.

A Dream Come True...

Three Stars in the Sun

My favorite Vista tweaker is a very unassuming, free little program from Lawrence Albert called WinBubble… it sure beats the daylights out of editing the Registry by hand. And the results will perk up your day. Guaranteed.”  - Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets Newsletter

"it's hard to find something that this remarkable tweaking program can't do. Whether you're a dedicated Vista tweaker, or just getting started, there's something here for you. - PCWORLD.com"

The third, WinSuperSite Software Pick of the Week

Thank you very much!!!


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Quick Tip: Create a shortcut and Go directly to Device Manager

DeviceManager The Device Manager is one of Microsoft most useful diagnostic tools. It provides a graphical representation of hardware that is connected or attached on the computer. Also, It lets you see which resources is associated with that hardware.


How to access it directly?

Go to Start Menu Search or Run window and type devmgmt.msc

To create a shortcut, Right-Click to any blank spaces on the desktop > Choose New > Shortcut and enter the following path:


Change the location (c:\Windows) if Windows folder is located in a different path.


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Quick Tip: Opening Network Connections Window easily

windows Despite Microsoft is making networking much easier in Windows Vista, they made it very difficult to open your network connections list or Window.

Here's a quick solution...

In the Start Menu Search or Run window, type ncpa.cpl and press ENTER.

To put a shortcut of Network Connection window on desktop,
create a folder called

Network Connections.{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}

Simple isn't it? :)

Easy? Enjoy!!!


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RegDevelop RAD Tool Plans

This is my licensing plans to my software(s) one to three years from now.

license plans

Well, As far as I know. At first, I don’t know what can I see about myself five years from now. But as I learned each sides (Close Source and Open Source Idealism). I think, there is a reason why we need some applications to be Close Source and other applications to be an Open Source Software.

They both have disadvantage and advantage.

The truth is, 18 months ago I have not seen any Open Source Code before. Why? I’m happy with my job as a Control Engineer and writing applications in my spare time offline.

As I go along learning all the stuff in the Internet. I have seen different cultures and sides.

If you ask me to choose which path I must take.

It depends on which users I will work for…

Linux, Mac or Windows?

It doesn’t matter

Hybrid - Open Source, Closed Source or Open Source

Any doesn’t matter.

So, It means you can create a software for Linux? Maybe, If the users insist and my experience is enough.

What If Microsoft, Google and other Open Source Guys Hire you to create a software?

Well, I don’t know if that’s possible. I’m a user centric person and if that happens… I’m going to do my best to work with Microsoft Users, Google or Open Source Users.

What matters most? The Users…


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Greetings, Reminders Or Any Message Before Entering Windows Vista


This is very useful especially to all the people that always forget many little things in their everyday life. I'm one of them!

A little Registry input will help. It let's you put some Greetings or Any Messages before entering the Welcome Screen which is fun if your family is using a common PC. Here's the Guide!

1. Open or Run Regedit.exe (Registry Editor) as administrator

How? Type Regedit in Start Menu Search. Press CTRL-SHIFT+Enter or simply Right-Click and Run as administrator

2. Go to the Path below:


3. Find these strings:



Double-Click Any of them and write any Greetings, Reminders or Any Messages. To restore, just remove your messages.


In the Future Release of WinBubble, this feature will be added. :)


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How to Hide or Disable a User Account at the Welcome Screen in Windows Vista/XP (Local and Remote Users)

If you have several accounts in one computer and you want to de-activate or hide one of them at Welcome/Initial Screen in Windows Vista. Here's a complete guide for you.

disableThe Easy Way, De-activate or Disable the Account.

Net user USERNAME /Active:no

If you want to Enable it again later

Net user USERNAME /Active:yes

How about if the user account has a password? Click here for the guide.

Note: Don't forget to Run cmd.exe or command prompt as Administrator or else you will get "access is denied"

Using the Registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList

Simply create a new DWORD value that matches the username
0 - Hides the user just from the welcome screen
1 - The user is shown (Remote and Local) or simply delete the registry key

In Windows Vista, If SpecialAccounts\UserList doesn't exist. Please create it first.

This ONLY HIDES the user from the screen. In Windows XP, You can still login by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL at once and type the Username and Password.

To Hide or Add Remote Users in VPN, Simply add the Username on the list.

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Registry Editor Tip: Change the Open Folder Icon, Helps in Finding Any Registry Keys and Values

Open Folder Icon

It's now easy to search and navigate your Registry and Windows Explorer. Just change and use a different Open folder icon.


How? Download and Open WinBubble > Go to Icon Tab > Click the "Open Folder" Button


The New Icon Explorer will open and it will let you select and load DLL's that has a high-resolution icon.


That's it... Enjoy!

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