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Greetings, Reminders Or Any Message Before Entering Windows Vista


This is very useful especially to all the people that always forget many little things in their everyday life. I'm one of them!

A little Registry input will help. It let's you put some Greetings or Any Messages before entering the Welcome Screen which is fun if your family is using a common PC. Here's the Guide!

1. Open or Run Regedit.exe (Registry Editor) as administrator

How? Type Regedit in Start Menu Search. Press CTRL-SHIFT+Enter or simply Right-Click and Run as administrator

2. Go to the Path below:


3. Find these strings:



Double-Click Any of them and write any Greetings, Reminders or Any Messages. To restore, just remove your messages.


In the Future Release of WinBubble, this feature will be added. :)


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