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Latitude D630, Ultimate Business Notebook

"Latitude Models - Scalable systems designed for networked environments, delivering exceptional quality and long-term value"
- Dell.com

One word, I can think about Latitude models is "Durability and Reliability". See this video, its contents were created entirely by PC World (Australia). Click Here

Great Features (Durability and Reliability):
RoadReady, a feature of Latitude notebooks that will able to stand up to wear and tear regardless of changing environment.

Tough Tri-MetalTM  Chassis, The strength of magnesium, aluminum and steel in a lightweight package that delivers enhanced rigidity and improved protection for sensitive internal components.

Strike ZoneTM  Shock Absorber, Protects the hard drive, from the rough reality of mobility, whether the system is online or offline.

Now, you can have a confidence for your laptop investment.

Isn't it amazing?

Focus: Latitude D630
"Thin and light notebook with the ideal balance of performance and mobility" - Dell.com

Summary of features from Dell:

ExpressChargeTM allows you to recharge batteries in about an hour, so you can make the most of even short charging opportunities.

HyperConnectTM , Keeps users connected any time, virtually anywhere10

  • Wireless-N, based on 802.11n technology, with up to 5X the speed and 2X the range of traditional Wi-Fi®  when used with a Wireless-N router11
  • HyperBand Diversity Antenna delivers superior multi-band wireless performance for mobile broadband and Wi-Fi
  • Integrated Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate makes it easy to connect personal devices
  • Take advantage of Dell’s support for the industry’s leading mobile broadband carriers (WWAN option)
  • Built-in Dell WiFi CatcherTM  Utility switch lets you quickly find a network, even when the notebook’s closed

CNET editors' review, Excellent 8.2 out of 10 

(Award: CNET Editors choice May 2007)

The good: Strong performance; long-lived nine-cell battery; sturdy construction; bright display; comfortable keyboard; corporate-level security, including smart card reader; WWAN available as an option; lengthy three-year warranty.

The bad: Somewhat heavy for a thin-and-light notebook; native screen resolution makes icons and text look small; fingerprint reader decreases mouse button size.

The bottom line: Corporate users can't go wrong with the Dell Latitude D630, which integrates Intel's latest mobile platform with a business-friendly feature set and lengthy extended battery.



Not just corporate users can buy  Latitude D630 but also the Students, Laptop enthusiasts and others who are always on the road. The bottom line is it's Durability and Reliability, lengthy three-year warranty which gave us a confidence in our investment. Also, connectivity options are great and it is not a bad looking laptop unlike the previous models of Latitude, which gives Latitude D630, a balance between home user and corporate users.

Solution to the problem in Resolution: Just buy a screen protection film with HG performance (like Elecom with HG). The screen will  have a True Life experience for watching movies which is great and will let you experience Windows Vista Graphical User Interface at its best. Also, it will add an additional protection to your LCD. BUT if you choose an NVIDIA option and you are using the Laptop for ACAD and other 3D rendering. I suggest don't use a Film.

What do you think? For me, It's Amazing!

From the author:
Thanks for the comments on this blog. The purpose of this blog is to help other people (especially the one buying a DELL laptop) in gathering Information about a certain topic into one unified information. That's why, Dell Specification pages are needed and CNET Review who gave an award to Latitude D630.


Windows Live Writer Basics

I. How to Add a Blogger.com weblog account?
1. Click Weblog Menu->Add Weblog Account
    Choose 'Another Weblog service' and click next

2. Input the information's that are needed.
    (url, gmail account and password)

3. Click finished to begin blogging!

4. However, if it asks for BlogId for posting.
Just goto your dashboard, click post. Copy the Blogid located in the address box and paste it inside the sign "<paste it here>".
II. How to open/edit the previous blogs?
- Click the Open Icon and choose the Blog Name that you want to open.

III. When writing blogs, I noticed that when 'enter' key is used, the
     space in between paragraphs are bigger. 

To fix:
  - use Table for layout of paragraphs and pictures.

IV. How to switch between accounts and remove weblog accounts?  

   For switching between accounts:
    Click Weblog Menu->Weblog Name

   In removing an account, Tools Menu->Accounts.


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Windows Live Writer, an excellent WYSWG Blog tool (What You See, What You Get)

Windows Live Writer Beta is a tool that helps you to create and publish blogs easily with rich content like maps, tables, hyperlinks, tags.

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Here's the link if you want to try Windows Live Writer:


Please read Windows Live Writer Basics.

Have Fun!


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How to Play the Downloaded Youtube Videos

Untitled After Downloading youtube videos through a website, a manual Hack of the link, or using my Youtube File Hack Tool.

Of course, The next thing is to watch your downloaded videos offline.

Anyway, What did you noticed? The format is flv or Mp4...

How to play the video through Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, WinAmp, VLC, Media Player Classic and other famous video player.

Method 1:

For more compatibility in playing the video, I recommend to install K-lite codec pack. After installing the package, you can now watch the video in any video application, including Windows Media Player. Also, the good thing is that Media player classic is included. It is a light-weight video player application.

Download 1  Download 2  Download 3 

Download 4

Method 2:

VLC is a portable multimedia player for various types or formats of video. Just Download the application and open the youtube video through this player. That's it!

Read More:

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Easily Download and Save Youtube Videos in Firefox using my Youtube Hack Code

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How to Backup/Copy a DVD Movie

Please read my Introduction about 'Unlock for us' Blog,

This is a request from my friend. She wants to backup her DVD's in a simple ways.
I will remind all of you that copying a DVD movie and distributing or selling it is a crime.
This tutorial is for BACKUP purposes only and not for 'piracy'.

First you need a DVD decrypter and DVD shrink. Here's the link:

Second, Install those applications.

Third, this is the step-by-step guide and simple way to copy a dvd movie.

Insert The DVD, “cancel or close” any window that will open
Open DVD Decrypter。Press “F” and Click the decrypt icon

Click Ok when finished. Proceed to Region Patching

Go to the folder by which the decrypted files are located. Select all and click OK to finish.

II. DVD Shrink

a. Open DVD Shrink Software. Click the 'Open Files' icon and go to the folder where the files are located. Example: E:\Movies\VIDEO_TS

b. You can remove other languages and subpictures if you like, just 'uncheck' it.

c. Click 'Backup' Icon

d. Select a target: (Iso Image File and burn with DVD decrypter)

e. Click OK and wait for a few minutes. Don't forget to click 'delete the image when done'.
If you want to save the image file for Hardrive backup in selecting a target choose 'ISO Image File'.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

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