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How to Backup/Copy a DVD Movie

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This is a request from my friend. She wants to backup her DVD's in a simple ways.
I will remind all of you that copying a DVD movie and distributing or selling it is a crime.
This tutorial is for BACKUP purposes only and not for 'piracy'.

First you need a DVD decrypter and DVD shrink. Here's the link:

Second, Install those applications.

Third, this is the step-by-step guide and simple way to copy a dvd movie.

Insert The DVD, “cancel or close” any window that will open
Open DVD Decrypter。Press “F” and Click the decrypt icon

Click Ok when finished. Proceed to Region Patching

Go to the folder by which the decrypted files are located. Select all and click OK to finish.

II. DVD Shrink

a. Open DVD Shrink Software. Click the 'Open Files' icon and go to the folder where the files are located. Example: E:\Movies\VIDEO_TS

b. You can remove other languages and subpictures if you like, just 'uncheck' it.

c. Click 'Backup' Icon

d. Select a target: (Iso Image File and burn with DVD decrypter)

e. Click OK and wait for a few minutes. Don't forget to click 'delete the image when done'.
If you want to save the image file for Hardrive backup in selecting a target choose 'ISO Image File'.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

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