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Display the Last Logon Time for Users in Windows 7, XP and Vista

Query User Utility can display the current users idle and logon time. Net.exe is a command line tool since Windows 95 and 98 is proven to be useful in many ways that offers a light weight functions to network via DOS command line.


Net.exe can also be use to display the last login time for Administrators, Power Users and other users.

Using the new version of WinBubble


WinBubble incorporates tons of small features into one design for simplicity.

You don’t need to memorize and its safe. Open WinBubble, go to Specific Tab and Click the User Accounts CP Button. Once the Window opens, push the user information.

Works with Windows 7 and Vista!


Geek Way

Alright, your a good computer user and of course, knowledge is better. Open the Command Prompt and use the syntax below.

Net User [Username]


That’s it!




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