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Integrated Development Environment for Control Systems using Mobile Phones



This is the unified concept that I’m planning to send to nokia as my entry for this years competition. The electronics stuff is very easy and can be done by any beginners, engineers, technicians and hobbyist.

I’m just trying to show that the idea can be done.

Unfortunately, I think I have no more time to develop dedicated applications for Nokia devices and Web Apps.

It will only work for SMS for now.

If I will win in this contest there is the possibility that I’m going to develop dedicated applications that can sync to WIFI enabled phones or Internet enabled phones and create a unified concept that can be used in desktop and in any kind of cellphones such as android devices, windows phone 7 (or windows mobile), iphone and other phones.

Although using SMS you can do that.

In Layman's Terms…

  • What if I wanted to control everything in my house? e.g. garage door, power outlets, lights and many devices using my phone.
  • What if I wanted to monitor all the temperatures, sensors and power in my house remotely?
  • What if I wanted to create all the projects that won last year in just few minutes? (very fast and it can be done by anyone)

Winners in Emerging Markets Category

New mobile solutions to improve the daily lives of millions in developing nations, focused on areas such as education, health data access, infotainment and agriculture.

- Grand Prize: Nano Ganesh (India) - This application allows farmers in India to establish remote contact with distant, modem-equipped electric irrigation pumps , to check on power supply and pump operation without the need to travel long distances .

- 1st Place: mPedigree (Ghana) - This application allows users to text-message at no cost a quality-authentication code found on the packaging of anti-Malarial and other medications to a provisioned mobile shortcode in order to guard against counterfeit drugs believed to be responsible for an alarming number of deaths, especially in the developing world.

- 2nd Place: DigitallCS (Digital Internal Control System) (Mexico) - With this application, agricultural co-ops can inspect the growing practices of their members and upload the data to a website for reporting and analysis in order to verify the growers’ adherence to standards that include Fair Trade Cerftified and Certified Organic.


The project is in its very early stage and most of the things that I used like casing and parts was recycled and came from old switching devices for printers.

I’m also using reconditioned cheap Nokia 3100 to became part of the effort to recycle all the devices that we can used.



I created the IDE for Rapid Development application showing that the concept can be done using mobile phones in just few minutes!


Hope I’ll win! Please stay tuned for more updates!


Unlock For Us

Easiest way to edit any website

How to edit any website without using any 3rd party tools.

Just copy and paste this script to your address bar and edit mode will be activated.

javascript:document.designMode='on';document.body.contentEditable='true';void WinBubble;

tested on Google Chrome and IE!

Source(s) Thanks Google for the year 1999 cache of the code

Source 1

Source 2





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