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[Vista/XP] How to Customize your OEM Information

Did you ever wonder how HP, DELL, SONY, ASUS, FUJITSU , ACER, LENOVO laptops and PC's put their Logo and information to your System Properties?

Branding your Windows XP was easy. You can Add, modify and change it's Original Equipment Manufacturer settings by only modifying two files. When Windows Vista came, It needs you to modify some registry settings that you need to memorize all the keys and it is not advisable for Beginners. Solution: Now you can do it in just two clicks or If you feel that it's better to do it manually, No Problem!

Here's How...

Using a Software to Add or Change it in just Two Clicks!

Using the Latest version of WinGuggle that works with Windows XP and Vista. You can experiment with it... It's easy!


What's the cool thing about WinGuggle? It automatically backs-up your OEM Information, If you have it by default. If not, you will be ask, if you want to back-up the logo and information as default or not. And later If you want to reset and restore the original settings, Just Click the "Reset to Default" Button. That's it!


Logo Specification: 256-colour bitmap file (.BMP) about 180 wide x 120 high

For Windows 7 - Read here

Windows Vista

A Complete guide in Customizing your Welcome Screen and System Window: Branding your Windows Vista Computer

Do it Manually: Don't worry Geeks, here:

Customizing OEM Logo in Windows Vista

Windows XP

Ok, it seems this is old but still many users don't know much about it.

Add or Change it Manually

1. Go to Windows\System32 Folder > find OEMinfo.ini and OEMLogo.bmp

2. Modify OEMinfo.ini using the format below:

Manufacturer=Dell Inc.
Model=Latitude D630

[Support Information]
UnlockForUs, Lawrence Albert
Line4=Please Visit my website... Thank you very much!

3. If you can't find the file, Open the notepad > Paste the Information above and just change it > Save the file as OEMInfo.ini

4. Open OEMlogo.bmp in Paint or any Graphics editor and Paste the Picture that you want.

5. If you can't find the file, Just create a 256-colour bitmap file (.BMP) about 180 wide x 120 high and save it as OEMlogo.bmp to Windows\System32 Folder. Anyway, there is no problem if the picture is large. It will be cropped automatically.


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Quick Tip: Simplest way to Save Time in using Google Search


This is the first Google Tip that I wrote and a must to share with everybody.

As stated in the picture above. Save time by hitting the Return or Enter Key instead of Clicking the "Search" Button - Google.

That's it!

Simple right? :)


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[Vista/XP] Launch and Run Programs during Startup

windows Windows Vista Security (User Account Control, UAC) was designed to block  programs that needs elevation or Administrator's approval which makes it very difficult for malicious programs to run during the startup. Anyway, There are several ways to configure, enable and Add programs to launch after the logon or startup process.


A. Force the program to start and Bypass UAC using the Task Scheduler in Windows Vista

1. Open the Task Scheduler using that Start Search > Type "task"...

2. Click Create Task located at the right side.

3. Type the name of the program and Click "Run with highest privileges" option

4. Go to Actions Tab and click the New Button

5. Click the Browse button and locate the program to be launch during startup. To add another program, just click the New Button and repeat #5

6. Finally, Click the OK Button and Reboot your Computer. That's it!

Note: After Reboot, Windows Vista will display a warning message "Windows has blocked some startup programs". To solve this issue, Click the Blocked startup programs icon > Choose Run blocked program > click the program in the list.

B. Using the Registry

Go to the Path  below:

Current Logon User

All Users

Right-Click > New String Value > Name of the Program or Any name > Double Click and Enter the path of the program in the Value Data.

Runce Once the Program during Start-up



C. Easiest way: Using Startup Folder

Simply put the shortcut into the Startup Folder in the Start Menu

Start Menu > All Programs > Right-Click > Open or Explore > Just Drag the Shortcut on the folder

Works with Windows XP/2000. In Windows Vista, Use this only if the program doesn't require elevation.

To Launch the program in All users in Windows Vista:

Start Menu > All Programs > Right-Click > Open All Users or Explore All Users > Just Drag the Shortcut into the folder

Enjoy Learning Windows!!!

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The Most Annoying message next to UAC: "This Driver is Blocked Due to Compatibility Issues"

program compatability issues

This is the most annoying message that I ever encountered in Windows Vista. Every time I boot my computer it always give the message, And you can't stop it easily!

Driver: Sonic Solutions DLA
Publisher: Sonic Solutions

It seems that tons of people have had this problem with Roxio. This old problem started after the release of Windows Vista but until now (Windows Vista Service Pack 1), it still exists! (Lenovo / IBM ThinkPad , HP, DELL, and other computer and laptop manufacturer)


"Yes I know, Leave me alone!"


This is the most difficult one. Some Device Manufacturer's are too lazy to update their drivers.


There is no quick solution to the problem. Anyway, here's my tip: Go to the Manufacturer's Website and find the patch or fix. If you can't find it, uninstall everything or RESOLVE the problem using Windows System Restore.

Prevention Tip: Before installing any device or software Create a restore point and Add "Create a Restore Point" to your Context Menu 

The Most Popular ROXIO PROBLEM

Most of them are DELL laptops and computers pre-installed with ROXIO which is cause by Roxio drag-to disc software that has a compatibility issue even in Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

Thankfully, Roxio released a patch regarding the problem and my problem was fixed. here:

DLA driver blocked on Vista launch

If your problem still continues... Try the update through DELL Technical Support

Dell Technical Support

"Microsoft Windows Vista may report that Sonic® Drive Letter Access or Roxio® Drag-to-Disc is incompatible. However, an update is now available to resolve this error. - DELL"

Last Resort: The Simplest Solution? Download the latest software of Drag-to Disc from Roxio Site (15.1mb) and just follow the instructions while installing the latest update:

That's it! I hope this helps...


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Best Free Software's For Windows

windows Great News Guys! My two software Winbubble and Winguggle was added to this Great list of software by Calvin. His list of Software's are great and most of them are useful. When I got a problem and dilemma about WinBubble, He always there to encourage and try to answers every questions I ask. So what's the result? It was awesome! Most of his suggestions rocks! Better Visit and Ask him now. Enjoy and Don't forget to create a restore point first or else it might damage your PC. JOKE :D

Enjoy Learning Windows!


BREAKING NEWS: WinBubble already reached it's peak! 1,110,000+++ Google results! I will now declare WinBubble 1.73 as the most popular version of WinBubble.


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FREE PHP and MySQL Hosting, Web Hosting For Everyone!

"Access is denied", opening a folder in Windows Vista/XP

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Add "Remove Temp Files" to Right-Click Menu

Clear and erase your Temporary Files Easily

Free-up more space in your Hard drive! After Reading some questions on How to Clean / Remove temporary files manually in Windows Vista and XP. Thankfully, Something pops-up in my head, If I will create a small program or script and be able to delete the temporary files in just one click, That would be Great!

Command For Clearing Internet Explorer Temp Files, Click here

Delete %Temp% files and folders (User Temp Folder), and Windows Temp Folder in Windows Vista

If WScript.Arguments.Count > 0 Then
Set objApp = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objApp.Run "cmd.exe /c " & Chr(34) & "rmdir /S /Q %temp%" & Chr(34)
objApp.Run "cmd.exe /c " & Chr(34) & "rmdir /S /Q %SystemRoot%\temp" & Chr(34)
Set objLaunch = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
objLaunch.ShellExecute "wscript.exe", Chr(34) & WScript.ScriptFullName & Chr(34) & " RunAsAdmin", , "runas", 1
End If

Open Notepad > Just Copy and Paste the Code Above and Save the the file to Any filename that you want with extension ".vbs"

e.g. deltempfiles.vbs

Or If you're afraid to commit a mistake, just Download the files,

Vb Script Files To Remove Temp Files

Adding the Script to Context Menu:

1. Download WinBubble

2. If you prefer to manually add the entry to Computer, Desktop, Start Menu, Folders Context Menu, Read here:

Adding your applications to Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)

3. Using WinBubble:

Go to Miscellaneous Tab > Click the Computer Button > Type Any Name. In this guide, let's try "Remove Temp Files" > Click the Browse Button and locate the VB Script File > Add wscript.exe before the path and enclosed the path in a quotation mark (").

Name: Remove Temp Files

Command: wscript.exe "C:\Tools\deltempfiles.vbs"

Click the Add Button. That's it!

Deleting %Temp% Folder Files Only


If you want to clear the User's temporary Folder only because UAC will not prompt to elevate the command:

Repeat the steps from 1 to 3 and use the script below:

Set objApp = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objApp.Run "cmd.exe /c " & Chr(34) & "rmdir /S /Q %temp%" & Chr(34)

Download: VbScript Files To Clean your Temp Files

Also, you can use this to clear your Personal Temp Folder when Windows Starts. Just drag the Shortcut to Start Menu > All Programs > Start Up Folder.

That's it!

Want to learn How it was created?

Read this first:

How to Run VBScripts as Administrator in Windows Vista


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Hacking WinBubble: Customizing the Restore Point Creator designed for Windows Vista

RestorePointAfter posting the article about adding "Create a Restore Point" to your Context Menu. Some Users requested on how to create a Shortcut for the tool, use a Shortcut Key for launching the command and changing the restore point name.

Here's what you want guys... Hack WinBubble!



Creating a shortcut to desktop

1. Download WinBubble and Extract the zip file.

2. Open the "Tools" folder and locate RestorePoint.vbs as shown in the picture above.

3. Create a Shortcut to your desktop: Right-Click > Send to menu > Desktop (create Shortcut). That's it!

Shortcut Key to Create a Restore Point

Drag it to your Quick Launch Taskbar and use Win+Icon Position to launch the script e.g. Win+1, Win+5...Win+9

Changing the Restore Point Name:hackingwinbubble

1. Go to "Tools" folder and open RestorePoint.vbs in notepad: Right-click > Edit

2. Just change the Restore point name "Restore point for Today" to any name that you want, example: "Software's installed for testing"

Learn and have a clue on how it was created in Windows Vista? Read this first.

How to Run VBScripts as Administrator in Windows Vista

Enjoy Learning Windows!


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Quick Tip: How to Find and Get the Windows Directory Name or Folder

start menu

"Hello Lawrence, My brother's computer have two OS installed, Vista and XP on separate drives. How can I find, get and access the Windows Directory easily? I mean I can go there directly. I remember he installed two Windows XP on the same drive. Thanks in Advance... - Fred"

There are several ways to do this in Windows Vista and XP... Here's the Quickest way to find the correct folder. Note: Login first, Of course :)

1. In Windows Vista, Click the Start Menu Button and type,


As shown in the picture above > To open, just click the folder. That's it!

2. Open the Run Window by pressing Win+R and type: MSINFO32


Afterwards, find the location from the System Summary. Simple isn't it?

3. You can also see the location in the command prompt. Press Win+R, type: CMD to launch and use %SystemRoot% again.

command prompt

Enjoy Learning Windows!!!

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Create a Shortcut for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Lock and Hibernate Button

shutdown Some tips are really useful that it can make your life easier day by  day. Do you remember the previous tip that when you install Windows Vista and pressed the Start menu shutdown button, instead of shutting down it turns your computer to sleep? How about the Middle Mouse Button Hack? Here's another Create a shortcut and use Shortcut Key!


1. Right-Click your desktop > New > Shortcut

2. Use and paste the commands below

Shutdown your Computer

Shutdown.exe -s -t 00

- Force all applications to close and shutdown immediately

Shutdown.exe -s      (After 30s...)

Restart Computer

Shutdown.exe -r -t 00

Sleep Computer

Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep

Lock your Computer

Rundll32.exe user32.dll LockWorkStation

Hibernate Computer

Rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate

That's it!

If the Sleep or Hibernate command is not working. Check first if your computer supports these sleep states: Open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and type, powercfg -a

The following sleep states are available on this system: Standby ( S3 ) Hibernate Hybrid Sleep
The following sleep states are not available on this system:
Standby (S1)
        The system firmware does not support this standby state.
Standby (S2)
        The system firmware does not support this standby state.

Change the icon

You can search the web and change the icon or simply use   

%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll icons

How? Right-Click > Properties > Shortcut Tab > Change Icon Button

That's it!

Use Shortcut Key to Shutdown your computer

To have an idea, I recommend reading this first, Speeding Up! Using Quick Launch Toolbar's Keyboard Shortcut

Drag the Shortcut to your Quick Launch Taskbar And press Win + Icon Position, e.g. Win+1

Useful? Enjoy!!!


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Add "Create a Restore Point" to your Context Menu

While walking in the midst of the crowd, sometimes simple ideas rocks! It just Popped-out in my mind. Tons of Software out there that usually created by known companies and it feels bad when it trashes your laptop/pc. What will you do to prevent that?


Simple Solution: Use System Restore to Undo Changes if problems occur, but How do you create a System Restore point?

As a Geek, In my experiences with Windows Vista, Windows System Restore is the most useful thing that Microsoft created. So, Before installing or running any application Create a Restore point first.

There are tons of information out there but the most simple one is using WinBubble and Add the option to your Right-Click Menu.

1. Download Winbubble

2. Click the "Create a Restore Point" option and press "Alt-A" or simply click the Apply Button

How to use: Start Menu > Right-click the Computer Option > CREATE A RESTORE POINT

or Right-click the Desktop Computer Icon > CREATE A RESTORE POINT

That's it...

If some software trashes your pc, To Restore Search "System Restore" through your Start Search and open the tool.

1. To Restore the most Recent Backup just click the Next Button

2. If that doesn't work, repeat the steps above and Choose a different Restore point. Maybe the oldest one is better.

Simple isn't it? Enjoy Learning Windows!!!


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How to Run VBScripts as Administrator in Windows Vista

Some programmers are asking why their Restore Point Creator Program written in Vb.Net/C# doesn't work in Windows Vista. It will not work because of UAC. To run the program, you must open or launched it as administrator.

The same way with VB Script programming in Windows Vista. I wrote a simple alternative way to launch scripts as Administrator.


If WScript.Arguments.Count > 0 Then

'Your VB Script CODE here


Set objLaunch = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Launch.ShellExecute "wscript.exe", Chr(34) & WScript.ScriptFullName & Chr(34) & " RunAsAdmin", , "runas", 1

End If

It will elevate the script before launching your code.

Read more: Universal Script Template in Elevating Commands as Administrator in Windows Vista

Easy? Enjoy!

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Notes Before Taking the Ownership of File and Folder


One of the most useful tweaks that the next version of WinBubble will have is taking the ownership of File and Folder option separately. This solves the problems regarding "Access Denied" while moving, deleting, editing, renaming and opening files and Folders in Windows Vista.

But one thing that I've noticed in all Tips and Tricks out there.  Nobody is telling us How to Restore the Settings after Taking the Ownership of File and Folder.

This is it!

How to Backup File/Folder Permissions

Do it Manually

Open the notepad or find some papers and write all information's for future references.

1. Right-Click > Properties > Security Tab

2. Write-down the Group/Usernames and it's permissions

Or just create a screenshot by pressing Print Scrn Key or Alt+Print Scrn for capturing the window

Create a Restore Point

How to Create a restore point in Windows Vista:

In Start Menu Search, type "System Restore" > Click open System Protection


Click the Create Button and type any description that you want.

That's it!

How to Restore the Settings after Taking the Ownership of File and Folder


Click Advanced > Edit Button


Example: In C:\System Volume Information, SYSTEM is the original entry that is permitted to access this folder. But Once Taking the Ownership of Folder is used. It will add your Logon Name, administrators and include all inheritable permissions from C:\ by default.

To restore: Remove them all and later Click the Add Button and Enter the Object name "SYSTEM". Finally, Hit the Apply Button and Choose Continue...

To remove them all, Just uncheck "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent" and Click the Remove Button for the first two options (Current user and Administrators).

If you can't do it using the above procedure, use Windows System Restore.

Type and Open System Restore in Start Menu Search. Choose the restore point that you have created earlier.

That's it! Enjoy Learning Windows Vista!!!

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