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Quick Tip: How to Find and Get the Windows Directory Name or Folder

start menu

"Hello Lawrence, My brother's computer have two OS installed, Vista and XP on separate drives. How can I find, get and access the Windows Directory easily? I mean I can go there directly. I remember he installed two Windows XP on the same drive. Thanks in Advance... - Fred"

There are several ways to do this in Windows Vista and XP... Here's the Quickest way to find the correct folder. Note: Login first, Of course :)

1. In Windows Vista, Click the Start Menu Button and type,


As shown in the picture above > To open, just click the folder. That's it!

2. Open the Run Window by pressing Win+R and type: MSINFO32


Afterwards, find the location from the System Summary. Simple isn't it?

3. You can also see the location in the command prompt. Press Win+R, type: CMD to launch and use %SystemRoot% again.

command prompt

Enjoy Learning Windows!!!

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DiGi said...

Try simple "cd %systemroot%" in command line (works in Total Commander too)...

Other useful shortcuts are %appdata%, %homedir% and of course %temp%...


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