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(Windows 11) Show How much RAM is on this computer

Your in a hurry and you want to know how much RAM installed? What to do with no installation being done?

Two Methods

1. At Run Window, type: control /name Microsoft.system

2. Using cmd.exe, type: systeminfo

That's it!


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(Windows 11) Configuring Proxy Server Settings at the User Side

If your internet LAN uses Local IP rather than Public IP, sharing internet can only applicable using Proxy Software at the Server. At the Client Side (Computers inside the network), we need to setup the Proxy IP and Port.


1. control /name Microsoft.system

2. Network and Internet >> Proxy

Another Way

1. inetcpl.cpl ,4

2. LAN Settings >> Proxy Setup

That's it!


(Windows 11) What you need to Set Up a Home and Business Network of Computers

There are several kinds of hardware used in Computer Networks, lets lists and read definitions, and different technologies along the way.

Network Interface Cards or NICs connect computers to a network so that they can communicate. NIC can be connected to the USB or Ethernet port on your computer or installed inside your computer in an available Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion slot.

Network hubs and switches. Hubs and switches connect two or more computers to an Ethernet network. Its the central device that connects all the devices together. A switch costs a little more than a hub, but it's faster.

Routers and access points. Routers connect computers and networks to each other (for example, a router can connect your home network to the Internet). Routers also enable you to share a single Internet connection among several computers. Routers can be wired or wireless. You don't need to use a router for a wired network but we recommend it if you want to share an Internet connection. If you want to share an Internet connection over a wireless network, you will need a wireless router. Access points allow computers and devices to connect to a wireless network.

Network cables (Ethernet, HomePNA, and Powerline). Network cables connect computers to each other and to other related hardware, such as hubs, routers, and external network adapters. HomePNA and Powerline adapters are often external and connect to a computer with either Ethernet cables or USB cables, depending on the type of adapter.

You might decide to go with a certain technology because you already have most of the hardware, or you might decide to upgrade your hardware. A combination of technologies might work best for your environment. For example, many people use a wireless router, which accommodates both wired Ethernet connections for desktop computers and wireless connections for laptops.

Source: Microsoft


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(Windows 11) How to Find the Browsing Options Window

Trying to find Internet option window for Network and Web? Here's how to access the Properties using commands.

Using Run Window

type inetcpl.cpl

That's it!


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(Windows 11) Choosing Which Programs Windows uses by Default

How to set which program I used for browsing, opening Word Document and AutoCad Files? For File Types *.html, *.doc and even *.txt, changing them if error occur helps.

Using Run Window

control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms

1. Default Programs: Making a program the default for all file types

2. Associate a File type with a Program

3. Change AutoPlay Settings

That's it!


(Windows 11) A Scour alternative using the Command Interpreter

You can't install any application and you want a faster way to find a folder or files... Heres what you can do.

How to search faster using cmd.exe

1. Press Win+R, type cmd.exe

2. Go to main directory or root directory (C:\)

3. input: cd\

4. For searching all folder and files with "net" (*net*)

5. enter: dir /s *net*

That's it!


(Windows 11) Using a Keyboard Shortcut to launch any Searches as Administrator

Want to launch an application as administrator such as notepad and cmd.exe?

How? Heres a sample:

Type "cmd.exe" at search

And after Search, press:


That's it!


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Voltmeter and Analog Voltage at New Terms

Digital Signal couples up to create Analog World. What do you call that science of data gathering deep inside?

Updated and New Terms

Voltmeter - A device that displays the voltage across the test points. To work properly, connect the voltmeter in parallel with the load, attaching the probes to connectors on either side of the load you want to measure. The voltmeter can measure DC or AC voltage. DC mode measures the average value of the voltage. When set to AC, the voltmeter displays the root-mean-square (RMS) value of the signal. Mostly, the voltmeter has a very high resistance of 1 Megaohms.

Analog - At new terms, it is a digital pulse bonded together to form a really strong signal sinusoidally united. At I/O, reading and inputting continously in order for computers to analyze these data - Digital to Computer Processing to Analog output. Many samples of one bit of information that corresponds to 1 or 0 rallies together, bonded and united to create what you called Analog Signal. Applications are Amplifiers (computerized), Analog reading and Logging.

Amazing... Got it!



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