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Lawrence Explorer released for Download

Lawrence Explorer displays everything and doesn't automatically executes files when browsing.

From the article, Shell Cities is a top collection of Bins Desktop like Windows Bin Desktop (Win98, Win7 and Win 10 Desktop) for example. Basically they have the same technology as Microsoft :) No dying.

Anyway, One of the famous tools is Windows Explorer or "explorer.exe", program is stable and doesn't hangs.

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Its about no host logic and displays only - no execution of files while browsing.


Secret on Adding your Sitemap to your Bloggers Website at Google Search Console

Search Console tools and reports is a webmaster tools that help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, read issues, and makes sure your site shine in Google Search results.

Heres how to add the entire website sitemap to Google Search Console...

Optimize your content with Google Search Analytics

See which search keywords bring users to your website. Analyze your website performance through impressions, and position on Google Search.

Hope this helps!


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AC Line OK Sensor Technology using CodeBase IO Configuration

Work Efficiency is the ratio of the work done by a machine over the total work written and specified in the papers often result with a minimum effort and skill needed.

Real Time - How will you sense if AC Lines is Supplied or not using CodeBase IO?

See the Power Monitoring System at CodeBase IO: Click Here

Computers work through the interaction of hardware and software (Input and Output). Hardware refers to the machine part of a computer that you can see and touch, and running, including the case and everything inside it.


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Metro Rail City Wide Monitoring using CodeBase IO Design

With the continuous development of our cities and society in the recent years, Trains around the city has been getting great development and application. As key components of rail traffic, the reliability of metro system makes great influences on people's safety.

Website: http://codebase-io.com/Metrorail.html

Uses the latest IT infrastructure and Socket Technology like Internet, Local and Wide Area Networks to monitor running and arrival of trains. Each station has laser sensors to monitor trains arriving then after that signals will be thrown to the main server for monitoring purposes and logging.


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Free Electronic Circuit Diagrams with CodeBase IO Interface for Computer Processing and Monitoring

Electronics changed the way we get through life. Listening to music and watching shows through computers is one of the greatest accomplishment of this era of Electronics. It gives us oppurtunity to get social, buy goods, read books, search for information and even what you call "everything".

Is Analog Digital?

According to CodeBase Electronics, Analog means many Digital. A Digital is a binary signals of bit and bytes of information (1 or 0) that corresponds to a word like the table data below:

Binary Information

01010101 A

00001111 B

11110000 C

Free Electronic Circuit Diagrams

Heres the link: http://codebase-io.com/circuits.html


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Battery Start Stop Charging using CodeBase IO Implementation

When the Charger Starts and continues until a definite Voltage stops it, Full Charge Detection occurs. That's it!

Thats what the processes the computer makes like when the input level voltages occur and the computer throw a final full charge cut in action.

See more here: http://codebase-io.com/Applications.html


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Launching CodeBase-IO Website for Hardware Tips and Tricks

I/O devices are hardware or things around that has Displays and input functions like keyboard. I/O corresponds to Input and Output functions of computers.

CodeBase IO lets you make and invent projects easily and can be understand by anyone. It has the characteristic function of a binary systems.

The Website

CodeBase-IO.com was launched to move the website to another world of computing and devices. Some of them are Giant Clocks, Traffic Lights and Elevators.

Installing New Hardware

You can install most hardware or mobile devices just by plugging them into your computer. Windows will automatically install the appropriate driver if it's available. If it's not, Windows will prompt you to insert a software disc that may have come with your hardware device.



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Use Electronic Mains to turn your Power ON and Off

Having difficulty in using those dirty old fuse boxes? Upgrade them and get Electronic Mains!

Core Technology:

One touch shimasu and Reset function using relays and transistors.


- when you push the button on the device, it activates the Power or AC Voltage and Reset to OFF.

- worth $1,500 and shipping is included.



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