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FREE! Calculator Code using Notepad Coder IDE for .Net Framework 6.0

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Visual Basic: Notepad Coder IDE for .Net Framework 6.0

Computer Scientists, Teachers and Engineers -- Welcome to the world of done by hand. Notepad Coder lets you master coding. The very first 64-bit compiler functionality now at Notepad Coder IDE.

Its just notepad don't worry.



Using Notepad Coder IDE for .Net Framework 6.0


Distance Formula Calculator

Pythagorean Theorem

Basic Calculator Code

Recommended for newer computers: Windows 10/11 64-Bit version only.



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Lawrence IP Scanner Checks Wires and Router Connection Virtually

Having difficulty checking your network connection, some computers seems to have LAN cable connection but no internet. What to do to check if LAN or WAN is the problem?

Heres Lawrence IP Scanner:

* Scans for routers inside the network and logically massively says WIRES are OK

* For checking of wires, equivalent for Ping Command

* Ability to check your own ip without going to the command prompt

Future version(s)

- More Network Statistics

- Ping Usability inside the program





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MEMIN and USB Technology Technical Drawings

Storage devices are now getting smaller and cheaper nowadays. Its becoming our primary hardware to save data and later use them for work. Now on uRelay design, heres the new technology that lets you upgrade old laptop and PC hard disk.

NEW Technical Drawings for Computer Devices and Interface

MemIn Technology - this device is very suitable for hard disk design because even if you accidentally fall or throw the hardisk, its alright.

USB Technology - This explains why we have only 4 wires at USB interface and cables.


System Unit: Processing, Memory and Storage: here

That's it!


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(Windows 11) How to Access Network Properties for Wired and Wireless LAN

You can't find and access network configuration in Windows 11. Going to the Control Panel Window is difficult unless you knew the command prompt syntax. Heres how.

What to do

1. Press Win + R

2. type control ncpa.cpl

That's it!


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(Windows 11) Show How much RAM is on this computer

Your in a hurry and you want to know how much RAM installed? What to do with no installation being done?

Two Methods

1. At Run Window, type: control /name Microsoft.system

2. Using cmd.exe, type: systeminfo

That's it!


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(Windows 11) Configuring Proxy Server Settings at the User Side

If your internet LAN uses Local IP rather than Public IP, sharing internet can only applicable using Proxy Software at the Server. At the Client Side (Computers inside the network), we need to setup the Proxy IP and Port.


1. control /name Microsoft.system

2. Network and Internet >> Proxy

Another Way

1. inetcpl.cpl ,4

2. LAN Settings >> Proxy Setup

That's it!


(Windows 11) What you need to Set Up a Home and Business Network of Computers

There are several kinds of hardware used in Computer Networks, lets lists and read definitions, and different technologies along the way.

Network Interface Cards or NICs connect computers to a network so that they can communicate. NIC can be connected to the USB or Ethernet port on your computer or installed inside your computer in an available Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion slot.

Network hubs and switches. Hubs and switches connect two or more computers to an Ethernet network. Its the central device that connects all the devices together. A switch costs a little more than a hub, but it's faster.

Routers and access points. Routers connect computers and networks to each other (for example, a router can connect your home network to the Internet). Routers also enable you to share a single Internet connection among several computers. Routers can be wired or wireless. You don't need to use a router for a wired network but we recommend it if you want to share an Internet connection. If you want to share an Internet connection over a wireless network, you will need a wireless router. Access points allow computers and devices to connect to a wireless network.

Network cables (Ethernet, HomePNA, and Powerline). Network cables connect computers to each other and to other related hardware, such as hubs, routers, and external network adapters. HomePNA and Powerline adapters are often external and connect to a computer with either Ethernet cables or USB cables, depending on the type of adapter.

You might decide to go with a certain technology because you already have most of the hardware, or you might decide to upgrade your hardware. A combination of technologies might work best for your environment. For example, many people use a wireless router, which accommodates both wired Ethernet connections for desktop computers and wireless connections for laptops.

Source: Microsoft



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