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Simple Way to Disable Startup Softwares


Sometimes we just wanted to disable one application and doesn’t want to think anymore. Probably your tired and busy with your work, this tip is good for you.

The new version of WinBubbles will help you in every day computing, making every task easier and faster.


Open the program and go to Optimize Tab and just click the Startup Programs option to disable and enable programs during startup.


Manually launching the System Configuration Utility

MSConfig is a utility to configure settings and disabling startup programs for security. Here’s the simple command line switch for the tool.

msconfig –4

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Using RegDevelop to create Customized Restrictions and Policies

The great thing for the software regdevelop is that, it lets you customize and create your own security policies based on Windows Registry in just few minutes.


Last month, I started studying all the users interaction and they appear to move in random everyday even if they don’t understand and know the system itself.

Trial and error is always one of our instinct one way or another.


If your using the home edition or other limited version of Windows, the only way you can add restriction is to use third-party tools to easily modify the registry.

Using RegDevelop to Create your own customized Security Policies

You can find the program here


Drag the checkbox control and add caption


Registry Location


Value Name DisableTaskmgr

Value 1

ValueType DWORD

References: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc962658.aspx

Disable Registry Editor



Value_Name1    DisableRegistryTools

ValueData1    1

ValueType1   DWORD

DeleteWhenUnchecked   True

Disable Changing of Wallpaper



Value_Name1    NoChangingWallPaper

ValueData1    1

ValueType1   DWORD

DeleteWhenUnchecked   True

Disable USB Drive (reboot is needed)



Value_Name1    Start

ValueData1    4

ValueType1   DWORD

DeleteWhenUnchecked   False



Value_Name2    Start

ValueData2    3

ValueType2   DWORD

Disable Command Prompt



Value_Name1    DisableCmd

ValueData1    1

ValueType1   DWORD

DeleteWhenUnchecked   True

Disable Control Panel



Value_Name1    NoControlPanel

ValueData1    1

ValueType1   DWORD

DeleteWhenUnchecked   True


If your an average user and you just want to add restrictions, try using WinBubble for Windows 7 and Vista… Simply choose the option and Click Apply to add restrictions.

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How to Disable the Task Manager for Limited or Standard Accounts in Windows

regedit Last week, I was configuring my old installation of Windows XP when my entire facilities was hit by thunderstorms and some surge protections fails during that day. Lighting strikes near our house and luckily, only few of my computers was affected and $133 dollars worth of electronics equipment was damage.

But It costs two days of work and redesigning my equipments.

Anyway, unexpected moments happened and I’ll start all over again and dig more some topics regarding useful tips for everybody.

Manually Disable or Remove the Task Manager from the List for Limited Accounts

This security policy tip is very useful for schools, internet cafes, small business and shared computers at home.

From you Limited or Restricted User Account, Open your Windows Explorer > go to \Windows folder > regedit.exe > Right-Click and Choose “Run as…” option


Open the program for accounts with administrative privilege




In this example, I want to disable the Task Manager for the User Account named Sharedaccount.

Once the Registry editor is opened, we need to verify and find the corresponding SID folder for the account.



How to get the corresponding SID Folder for the Specific User Account

go to these registry location to get first the corresponding SID key for the User

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Find the corresponding SID by checking those folders for the Sharedaccount Value




%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Sharedaccount

Now, we have verified that the SID for the Sharedaccount user is S-1-5-21-825345543-318236825-1802669531-1003

  • Open this registry Location to restrict launching of task manager


  • If System subfolder key doesn’t exists, create the folder and Right-Click the folder key > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value


  • type DisableTaskmgr, double click and change the value to 1

Try by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC


“Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”

Hope this Helps!



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RegDevelopTM, Control System using your Mobile Phone






The software lets you create endless designs and possibilities that will suits in your needs from a very simple ones to complex input and output digital operations.

Useful Recommended Applications

  • In third-world countries, students living from other places and islands usually travel back to school located in the city to check their grades. This time, students can check their grades and other enrollment information using sms or text messages. Great for poor families.
  • You can design a system that will minimized all the operational cost of your business by lowering the power consumption by monitoring and turning off all the power if not in used.
  • Farmers can create their own system based on their needs especially those irrigation systems that needs to check on power supply and pump operation. They can design a system that can remove the need to travel long distances and it is updatable if there is an expansion being done.
  • Save energy by creating a system that lets you turn off devices inside the house if not in used – same way if the system will be used in Internet Cafe.
  • You can also design an application like one of the winner last year that allows users to text-message the quality-authentication code found on the packaging of anti-Malarial and other medications in order to guard against counterfeit drugs.
  • You can design an application that can reply inspirational messages or text messages regarding the Environment and inspired students to do more.
  • And many more designs in the future...


Most of the great things today came from those very simple ideas – Anders Hejlsberg of Microsoft”


I’m just trying to show that the idea can be done and used by any below average income earners up to rich families and businesses.

I already have the ideas in my notes during my 3rd year college projects in engineering and that is year 2002. The integrated development environment was based on my software called RegDevelop, designed to create applications in just few minutes without writing any code.

Need to rest for few days after two months of Work!

Please stay tuned! Hope I’ll win and I’m going to make sure that It will fund my study.

Thanks for reading the article!



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