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[Free] How to Watch and Download PBS-NOVA Programs: Science and Technology in Full Episodes

This is the coolest Discovery Channel and National Geographic like Movies in Youtube. By the way, It’s FREE!!! Sad to say, for now the pageviews are very low.

This is a reponse to Mr. ikh question: “Hi, Can you make this work… I want vids from PBS. http://www.youtube.com/show?p=lwRWg1czcnk

Thanks for asking!

The Great Robot Race: The Race of the Century

In this race there are no drivers. It’s the first race ever that the machines takes all the decisions.

I remember I watched this movie with my friends while working in Japan. This is the Best Robot Race I’ve ever seen! Nice Stanley!!!

Go Robo-Geeks!!! Someday I will make one… I have something for Stanley :D

Note: Downloading Youtube Videos needs permission to the uploader.

Saving Clips for Offline Viewing

Youtube File Hack 1.5, lets you to download these in two ways. One in Internet Explorer and in Google Chrome Bookmarks. Both of them is the Best way to Download Science and Technology Episodes from NOVA.

Downloading The Movies in Full Episodes in Internet Explorer downloaddiscoverychannel

Using Youtube File Hack Tool makes it easier to download them at once. You don’t need to watch it first and download. Just go to the List and Right-Click > Download… Choose the MP4 Format > CTRL+V for the Filename. That’s it!

PROS: Usability is great because of CTRL+V to Paste the Filename automatically. Also, You don’t need to open the Video.

CONS: You need to do more clicks

Adding the Bookmark in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the lightest Web Browser app. It will only install and run in User-Level mode. If you don’t want to install the IE-Tweak and you want a simple and Faster way of Downloading the videos. It’s simple! Just Download Youtube File Hack Tool and Open Setup.exe and Click the Add Bookmark Button. Then Open Google Chrome and Start Downloading Youtube Videos!


PROS: Fast and no installation, just a Bookmark addition.

CONS: You need to change the Filename Manually and You need to open the video first.

I suggest to install both features… so that whatever browser you are using, you can save the videos. Read the Setup instructions first.

You don’t want to use Youtube File Hack

Ok, If you don’t want to download and use the program. You can add the bookmarks manually. Read Here, It is a Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Youtube File Downloader.

It’s awesome in Windows 7, MP4 format is now supported by default.


License Agreement



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Windows Vista Home Premium is Asking for Product Key Activation


Several months ago I went to another place - before I arrived, my good old best friend went to ACER service center  to fix his computer.

During my stay, after several weeks with no problem, Windows Vista just stops working and asking for product key. Isn’t that odd?

“This is my newly installed laptop and I've just sent it to ACER to fix. I’m doing important things right now… and this thing happened. I’m calling ACER right-now.”

I told him to calm down and let me take a look first. Maybe it is just a security thing of Microsoft for anti-piracy. I realized that WinGuggle (my software to backup Windows Vista Serial Key) will not work this time.

“Why don’t you enter the product key at the back of your computer?”

It works!


Here’s the picture in real situation:


Most of the laptops now:

  • No installation Disc (ACER, ASUS, HP and others). That’s why I always like DELL. The installer is included and you can customize everything but their International Service Centers is not that good compared to HP. HP Support in my experiences is among the best.
  • If you removed the sticker and lost it, that’s a huge problem if you don’t have the installation disc and the warranty is over.



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Easily Remove or Set the OEM Logo and Support Information in Windows 7/Vista/XP

If you installed the Free released version of Windows 7, you will find out that there is no Original Equipment Manufacturer information like DELL, HP, ACER, ASUS and Lenovo logo.


Using WinBubbles-Lite 2009 you can separately customize or add a Logo in the System Properties, and Performance Information and Tools Window.

Also, you’ll noticed that when you set the logo in Performance Information and Tools Window, there is a difference between the size or layout in Windows 7 and Vista.


The Logo became flat or wider in Windows 7.

Windows Vista


That’s why I provided a separate Windows 7 OEM Logo Customization tool in WinBubbles-Lite 2009.

Hidden Tip for Windows 7 and Vista: User Accounts Pictures can be use as a logo. Just go to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures" folder. If you can’t find the directory, press Alt-T > Folder Options > View Tab and Select “Show hidden files and folders

Simply Click the blank PictureBox to Add the logo, Put the information and press “Alt-A” or Click the Apply Button. That’s it!

For Windows XP Users: Read here

For Vista Users, Please read more about: Branding your Windows Vista Computer (especially the last part)

Removing the Logo in Windows 7, Vista and XP

If you don’t care about customizing the Logo separately, I’ll suggest to use WinGuggle. The latest version: WinGuggle 1.6, is now an all-in-one tool that will let you Remove, Add or change the Logo and Support Information in Windows 7/Vista/XP.


Simply Click the “X” Button > Apply Button and It will remove the Logo and OEM Information in your Computer.

To Restore: Push the Reset to Default Button.

That’s it… Enjoy!


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Skip the Welcome Screen in Windows 7/Vista/XP

Almost a year ago… I used to work in one of the 100% - subsidiaries of one of the biggest companies in the world – actually it is included in the Top Fortune 500 companies and they have different products and Engineering Services like Ship Building, Weapons, Power Plants and many more. I worked in Power Plant Manufacturing and Engineering for almost 4 years as a DCS Engineer and later became a Design Engineer 2.

I remember my local team leader at home asked me when I was sent to Japan for work:

“How can I remove or disable entering of passwords in Windows?”

- “Just removed the password?” :D

Windows Vista

Last time, I wrote a short article in Windows Vista, read here:

Login Automatically in Windows Vista

Windows 7



The procedure is the same in Windows 7…                             

Read the Article in Windows Vista and use the netplwiz utility. That’s it!

Using the Registry in Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP Home and Professional

Although all of these can be done using the registry, I will not recommend that because your password will be seen directly.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

and create a new DefaultPassword string value and set your password.


Finally, set the three registry settings below:

  • DefaultUserName (String)
  • DefaultDomainName (String)
  • AutoAdminLogon (DWORD), set to 1

Windows XP Advanced User Accounts Window

The Advanced User Accounts Wizard only set these values and the password is not included (Great!)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

  • DefaultUserName (String)
  • DefaultDomainName (String)
  • AutoAdminLogon (DWORD), from 0 to 1 if activated.

Just launch the command Control Userpasswords2 from your Run Window

and the procedure is now the same in Windows 7 and Vista, Read Here.

That’s it!

Enjoy! :)


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How to Add or Put Message Before Login in Windows 7/Vista/XP

A long time ago in a far away land… I used to live in a place in the other side of the country – actually it was my hometown in the old days. My sister asked me, “How can I set a message after I finished using the computer?“

This is a useful tip that many users doesn’t know. Most of us are sharing the computer to our family members. Now you can create a custom display message for them before using your computer. Companies often use this to show warnings.


Works in any Windows Installation!

Ok, I know your a geek read here:

If you don’t want to mess things up in your computer. WinBubbles-Lite 2009 is here to save your day!

1. Download the program and extract the file.

2. Input the Title in the Caption part, your message and Click the Apply Button or simply press Alt-A.

3. Click the View button to test.

That’s it!

Simple, safe and useful…

Especially for me, I always forget small things because I’m doing a lot of things.

Anyway, Enjoy!


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TweakUI For Windows 7 : The Ultimate Tweaker?

WinBubbles already received a lot of recognition in Windows Vista. And for that, Thank you to all the websites and authors that helped me to share the tool. WinBubble for Windows 7 will not participate in any competition regarding who’s the Ultimate Windows Customization and Tweaker for Windows 7.


I will let the users decide and the great authors around the world.

I don’t believed that competition will give innovation. Inspiration, dedication, good and bad experiences will push the creation of a great product.

The truth is, at first I designed these tools because of the problems I had, some annoying User experiences, interesting concepts and dreaming to create a great software for everybody.

Not for Competition.

Well, If I can only have three sets of brains so that I will create products also in Mac, Linux and Windows at the same time.

That would be great :D

The problem is, I have less experience with Linux and totally no experience with the expensive Mac.

Fortunately, I have this hands of luck in programming and learning. I sit down and saw the free C# book given by Microsoft, and got interested with it.

IDEAS just came to me

After 7-8 weeks of designing and writing program in C#, RegDevelop was created. So, There is always a possibility that I can create also in other platforms. But I don’t know. If somebody will donate a Mac, new Linux Machine, a dozen books both programming and OS information. maybe… When I am programming and writing articles, It’s not like every hour I have this luck. It just pops up like a bubbles…


regdevelop5 RegDevelop will enable novice to advance users to create the next TweakUI for Windows 7. Just read the instructions and tutorials first.

This time, novice users will have the opportunity to learn and if interested, they might go into programming, like the advance users.

Check WinBubbles-Lite, an application created using Regedevelop.

Advance users maybe will only use RegDevelop to create sample applications but I think It is better for them to write their own softwares using Visual Studio, Borland or any IDE Tools.

So, Please try to use RegDevelop and hopefully, any of you will create the Ultimate Windows 7 Tweaker (and Customization tool).

IDEAS will always be a part of innovation.

- Lawrence Albert -


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Solution for Windows 7 Download Problem: 32-bit and 64-bit

startingWindows Before I released WinBubbles Lite 2009 and RegDevelop to the public, I already received many emails regarding my tools. Some of them sent screenshots opening my tools in 64-bit version of Windows. Now, I decided to download and install Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate version to test and make it compatible with 64-bit version of Windows.

However, again, the Download manager doesn’t works! It took me several minutes and I already received 11 keys.

Then the download manager opens… After more than two hours of download, the file is corrupted.

Thinking that I can use the web browser method to download the iso file, I realized that I can get the direct download link to the download manager itself.


How? Just see the URL properties.

UPDATED: RC version now is not available… Please check and download the 90-days Trial period of Windows 7 Enterprise edition:

Read more here

Check out: UnlockForUs Windows 7 PowerTools: WinBubbles-Lite 2009 and RegDevelop


In just few clicks, WinBubbles-Lite will let you access and change the most important Customization settings of Windows 7 (and Vista) easily.

Also, The powerful utility includes a built-in GUI Designer and programmer called RegDevelop that will let you update and change the program the way that you want.

Add Features that is needed.


Old article (Not working anymore)

Here it is! Just RIGHT-CLICK and “SAVE TARGET AS”…

Windows 7 32-bit version


or you can copy and paste the url at you address bar.

Windows 7 64-bit version



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RegDevelop Hidden Features

Every software created by famous companies has its own secrets. RegDevelop will include some hidden features that will make your User Experience better.

hidden features

For now, It’s few but maybe you can use them in your applications.

Monitor Off Button


Open CD Command Button


Close CD Command Button



I would like to ask all of you to share some ideas that can be added to the application. You can join my group here or email me at unlockforme@gmail.com Thanks :)


RegDevelop Part 2 – Using Button, Label and PictureBox Controls

Previous | NEXT: CheckBox and TextBox Control

Button Control – this control will let you launch other programs and use command line applications including scripts and batch files. It’s like launching another program using the “Run” Window.

Launching About Windows

UserInfoButton PropUserInfoButton

Launching System Window

OEMinfoButton propOEMinfoButton

Backup Button Example

backupbutton propbackupbutton

If the WindowStyle Property was set to Hidden, the command prompt will not be seen.

Enable and Disable UAC

EnableDisableUACParameters are long? No problem.

Enable UAC StartProcess Property

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

Disable UAC StartProcess Property

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

and set WindowStyle Property of both Button to Hidden

More Examples:

RegDevelop Hidden Features

How to Customize or Change the Welcome Screen Background in Windows 7

Coming Soon…


Label Control – this is only use to add information like titles, names, heading and others.

label proplabel


PictureBox Control – There are two modes in this control:

Reminder: You can only use one mode at a time.

Mode 1 - Enables you to read and change the image path save in the Registry. Note: If there’s a setting in Mode 2, Remove it first.

Similarities of Between the Registry and RegDevelop


Example: Changing the Original Manufacturers Logo in Vista


RegDevelop PictureBox Property



ValueName logo
ValueType string

Mode 2 – Open the image from a specified location for viewing purposes only or viewing and ability to change the image file.

NEXT: CheckBox and TextBox Control


RegDevelop Part 3 – Using CheckBox and TextBox Controls

CheckBox Control – this control lets you create a Graphical User Interface to Windows Registry. The current version supports DWORD and String values.

Registry Editor and RegDevelop Checkbox Control Similarity



CheckBox Control


CHECKED Group – This is the settings to be Read and Write if the checkbox control was tick or click to check.


UNCHECKED Group – This is the settings to be Read and Write if the checkbox control was click to uncheck.


The Note will be your guide while creating an application.

If the Subkey or Value name doesn’t exist originally, then we can say that it should be deleted while unchecked. However, if the checkbox control was designed to create new registry value name and it should not be deleted upon unchecked, then you have an option for that also. Just Choose DeleteWhenUnchecked Property to False.

The SubKey or Value Name exists originally – In this situation we can say that it should not be deleted. However, there are times for example we want to create an application that will fix or remove some settings (e.g. settings made by viruses), then you have an option to delete the setting. Just Choose DeleteWhenUnchecked Property to True.

Value Name doesn’t exist

It means that in your computer, the registry value name doesn’t exist.

The Subkey doesn’t exist

It means that in your computer, the registry sub key doesn’t exist.

Simple Examples that will help you Design your own Customization Applications

1. Open with Notepad – this is very useful in everyday use of computer. Most of the time you want to take a peek on the files in your PC. This simple function is great for you!


RegDevelop Settings


Please drag the CheckBox Control and add the following properties.

Caption Open with Notepad
RegKeyPath1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Open with Notepad\command
Value_Name1 (Default)
ValueData1 notepad %1
ValueType1 String
DeleteWhenUnchecked True


2. Disabling USB Drive – Take control of your flash drive. This useful security feature needs log-off or reboot after changing the setting.


Drag the CheckBox Control and Set the following properties.


Disable USB Drive



Value_Name1 Start
ValueData1 4
ValueType1 DWORD
DeleteWhenUnchecked False

RegKeyPath2, Value_Name2, ValueData2 and ValueType2 properties will be filled is automatically.


3. Restore Previously Opened folder after Re-Boot 

- this is useful if you are working on something and you want to launch the folder window again during the startup / logon.


Please drag the CheckBox Control and input the following properties.


Restore the previously opened Folder after reboot



Value_Name1 PersistBrowsers
ValueData1 1
ValueType1 DWORD
DeleteWhenUnchecked False

RegKeyPath2, Value_Name2, ValueData2 and ValueType2 properties will be filled is automatically.

It is recommended to practice and Read more:

[Easy Fix] Enabling Registry Editor

How to Customize or Change the Welcome Screen Background in Windows 7


TextBox Control – this control allows you to create a User Interface in reading and writing string type value data to the Registry.

From the my previous tip: Add Greetings, Reminders Or Any Message after boot or switching to another user


Caption TextBox Control



ValueName legalnoticecaption
ValueType String

Message TextBox Control





ValueType is set to String

That’s it.

Cool Right? Enjoy!

RegDevelop Guides

RegDevelop 1 – Introduction and Screenshots

RegDevelop Part 2 – Using Button, Label and PictureBox Controls

RegDevelop Part 3 – Using CheckBox and TextBox Controls


Simple Portable Drive Scanner


Even if Anti-Virus Companies already optimized and tweak their Software, Still it consumes more resources than any software installed in your PC. Why? It’s running all the time. When you add them all… That is Huge!

If you have a 4-8 years old PC and rarely connected to the Internet. Just Uninstall All your Anti-Virus Software and create an application that will scan a Drive If needed.

This is also useful for Maintenance Purposes…

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: By reading this Article and using RegDevelop Software, All Programs from other manufacturer that will be added must follow the guidelines and terms of each Software Manufacturer. If you do not Agree, do not read and use the article below.

1. Download, Extract and Open RegDevelop > Drag the Button Control


Change the Button Text to any name that you want.

2. In this example we will use the good old McAfee Command Line Tool.

Open and Download the latest SuperDAT:


3. Create a New Folder (e.g. sDAT) inside the Tools folder of RegDevelop > Copy the SuperDAT File (sdat????.exe) inside.


4. Extracting the File: “[path]\sdat????.exe” /e

In Windows Vista / Windows 7, Right-Click + Shift Key > Copy as Path > Press Win+R for Run Window > Right-Click and Paste > add /e to Extract


For Windows XP, Start Menu > Run > and use the syntax above

To Check, Open SuperDAT.txt inside the folder:

Message while extracting:

Uncompressing all files into C:\ReDevelop\tools\sDAT

Wait for these message:

Zip file extraction is successful.

5. You can now delete the original file.

6. Let’s go back to RegDevelop window and change the StartProcess property of the Button Control:

SYNTAX: tools\SDAT\scan /clean /all [drive letter]:

Example: tools\SDAT\scan /clean /all e:

If you have some background in DOS > Open CMD > go to the directory cd “[folder directory]” > customize the parameters by studying them first: scan /?

Button Properties

StartProcess tools\SDAT\scan /clean /all e:
Caption Any name

To Test: Click the Start Button and click the created button


7. You can also add some of the free tools by McAfee such as Stinger (Works in Vista and XP) and RootKit Detective (doesn’t work in Vista) using the same procedure.

Button Properties

StartProcess tools\Stinger\Stinger.exe
Caption Any name

8. If your a geek and experienced user I suggest to add the famous tool for Malware Detection HijackThis Executable. This tool is powerful for startup detection and other settings.

Button Properties

StartProcess tools\HijackThis\HiJackThis.exe
Caption Any name

9. To add more useful programs, download the Spyware and Adware Removal Program called SpyBot Search & Destroy.

Making it Portable: Install the Application and Copy the files in “C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy” to [RegDevelop Folder]\tools\SpyBotSD\ folder

Note: Make sure to unhide the files first (Tools > Folder Option > View Tab > Uncheck “Hide Protected operating system files”

Button Properties

StartProcess tools\SpyBotSD\spybotsd.exe
Caption Any name

That’s it!

Sample Screenshot




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How to Customize or Change the Welcome Screen Background in Windows 7


At last! Microsoft allowed and added the feature that lets you change the Logon Background in Windows 7 easily…. Using the Registry or Group Policy Editor, You can now activate function.

Third-Party Software:


WinBubbles Lite 2009 includes a small version that will customize your Welcome screen easily in Windows 7. Just Click the PictureBox to Change, Click to Checked the “Activate First” option and press Alt-A. That’s it!

It was created using RegDevelop, like the screenshot above.

Geek Way:

Activation via Group Policy Editor Setting:


We will notice that it uses UseOEMBackground Value Name

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System

Just Add and Set the Value Name to 1 (DWORD)

If your Windows Directory is C:\Windows, Add/Put a jpeg file here:


The  image must be less than 256kb. Just resize your jpeg files using ms paint, Gimp or Photoshop.

TIP: Checkout C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\ for high resolution and amazing backgrounds… it’s FREE!!!

Creating Your Own Customization Software for the Tip:

My latest software RegDevelop, which let’s you create a Customization Software that can be edited and shared by everybody does the job very well.

If you want to learn more about the software, I recommend this design


Now you can create a Program to change it Safe and automatically…

Anyway, Using RegDevelop needs practice. maybe after 2-3 examples, you can do it fast without instructions.

Designing The User Interface

1. Drag a PictureBox. It will correspond to the User Account Picture because it is located in front of other controls.

2. Drag a Label Control and TextBox and arrange it according to your taste (The two are just dummy, for UI design only). You can change the Caption of the Label to any name that you want.

3. Add a CheckBox and Two Button Control. Change the Caption of the Two Button (“View” and “Restore”)

4. Finally, Add the Big PictureBox that corresponds to the Welcome Screen Background.


PictureBox2 (The most important)

Mode 2: Open From File Location  



View and Set

PictureBox1 (For User Account Picture only…)

Mode 2: Open From File Location  


any Bitmap or try this:

PictureBoxStyle is set to View

CheckBox1 (Activation CheckBox Setting)




ValueName1 UseOEMBackground
DataValue1 1
ValueType1 DWORD
DeleteWhenUnchecked True


StartProcess rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation
WindowStyle Normal
Caption View


StartProcess {PictureBox2} /r
Caption Restore

{ControlName} /r – restore the backup when the program was opened for the first time to a specified Control (e.g. PictureBox2)

That’s it! You have created a Logo Changer Third Party Software For Windows 7.

Tiny but Powerful Rapid Application Development software right?

You can make any custom light weight versions that will focus on what you want and what you need.

You can read more here: RegDevelop Introduction and functions

Most of the Websites said Mr. Rafael of WithInWindows.com found the registry tip. The registry setting is different but Thanks and good job…




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