Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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TweakUI For Windows 7 : The Ultimate Tweaker?

WinBubbles already received a lot of recognition in Windows Vista. And for that, Thank you to all the websites and authors that helped me to share the tool. WinBubble for Windows 7 will not participate in any competition regarding who’s the Ultimate Windows Customization and Tweaker for Windows 7.


I will let the users decide and the great authors around the world.

I don’t believed that competition will give innovation. Inspiration, dedication, good and bad experiences will push the creation of a great product.

The truth is, at first I designed these tools because of the problems I had, some annoying User experiences, interesting concepts and dreaming to create a great software for everybody.

Not for Competition.

Well, If I can only have three sets of brains so that I will create products also in Mac, Linux and Windows at the same time.

That would be great :D

The problem is, I have less experience with Linux and totally no experience with the expensive Mac.

Fortunately, I have this hands of luck in programming and learning. I sit down and saw the free C# book given by Microsoft, and got interested with it.

IDEAS just came to me

After 7-8 weeks of designing and writing program in C#, RegDevelop was created. So, There is always a possibility that I can create also in other platforms. But I don’t know. If somebody will donate a Mac, new Linux Machine, a dozen books both programming and OS information. maybe… When I am programming and writing articles, It’s not like every hour I have this luck. It just pops up like a bubbles…


regdevelop5 RegDevelop will enable novice to advance users to create the next TweakUI for Windows 7. Just read the instructions and tutorials first.

This time, novice users will have the opportunity to learn and if interested, they might go into programming, like the advance users.

Check WinBubbles-Lite, an application created using Regedevelop.

Advance users maybe will only use RegDevelop to create sample applications but I think It is better for them to write their own softwares using Visual Studio, Borland or any IDE Tools.

So, Please try to use RegDevelop and hopefully, any of you will create the Ultimate Windows 7 Tweaker (and Customization tool).

IDEAS will always be a part of innovation.

- Lawrence Albert -



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