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Solution for Windows 7 Download Problem: 32-bit and 64-bit

startingWindows Before I released WinBubbles Lite 2009 and RegDevelop to the public, I already received many emails regarding my tools. Some of them sent screenshots opening my tools in 64-bit version of Windows. Now, I decided to download and install Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate version to test and make it compatible with 64-bit version of Windows.

However, again, the Download manager doesn’t works! It took me several minutes and I already received 11 keys.

Then the download manager opens… After more than two hours of download, the file is corrupted.

Thinking that I can use the web browser method to download the iso file, I realized that I can get the direct download link to the download manager itself.


How? Just see the URL properties.

UPDATED: RC version now is not available… Please check and download the 90-days Trial period of Windows 7 Enterprise edition:

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Check out: UnlockForUs Windows 7 PowerTools: WinBubbles-Lite 2009 and RegDevelop


In just few clicks, WinBubbles-Lite will let you access and change the most important Customization settings of Windows 7 (and Vista) easily.

Also, The powerful utility includes a built-in GUI Designer and programmer called RegDevelop that will let you update and change the program the way that you want.

Add Features that is needed.


Old article (Not working anymore)

Here it is! Just RIGHT-CLICK and “SAVE TARGET AS”…

Windows 7 32-bit version


or you can copy and paste the url at you address bar.

Windows 7 64-bit version




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