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Windows Vista Home Premium is Asking for Product Key Activation


Several months ago I went to another place - before I arrived, my good old best friend went to ACER service center  to fix his computer.

During my stay, after several weeks with no problem, Windows Vista just stops working and asking for product key. Isn’t that odd?

“This is my newly installed laptop and I've just sent it to ACER to fix. I’m doing important things right now… and this thing happened. I’m calling ACER right-now.”

I told him to calm down and let me take a look first. Maybe it is just a security thing of Microsoft for anti-piracy. I realized that WinGuggle (my software to backup Windows Vista Serial Key) will not work this time.

“Why don’t you enter the product key at the back of your computer?”

It works!


Here’s the picture in real situation:


Most of the laptops now:

  • No installation Disc (ACER, ASUS, HP and others). That’s why I always like DELL. The installer is included and you can customize everything but their International Service Centers is not that good compared to HP. HP Support in my experiences is among the best.
  • If you removed the sticker and lost it, that’s a huge problem if you don’t have the installation disc and the warranty is over.




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