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Customize your Folder Icons to Enhance Windows Vista Experience

Folder Icons

It's easy to remember, browse and identify where your folders are located if you will change the icons.

Don't worry, it's fun and easy. In Windows Vista, there are lots of Hidden Icons in High Resolution. For FREE!


Changing Open Folder Icon

Customizing Open Folder Icon is highly-recommended. Navigating the Windows Explorer and searching keys in Registry editor is now easy.


Using the latest version of WinBubble, you can now change open folder icons without downloading from the web. How? Read here:

Registry Editor Tip: Change the Open Folder Icon, Helps in Finding Any Registry Keys and Values 

Customizing Folder Icons

The first folder from the picture above is the standard appearance with no customization. You can change the whole folder icon as shown above or edit the thumbnail picture like in WinBubble 1.75 folder icon.


Right-Click the Folder that you want to customize > Choose Properties > Go to Customize Tab


Folder Pictures: Click Choose File Button to Browse and Set the Thumbnail or picture (jpeg, png, bmp and other formats are supported) that you want to show.


Folder Icons: This will totally change the folder icons. If you change the settings to another, it will no longer show a preview or thumbnail of the folder's contents.

TIP: When you click the Change icon Button, the default DLL file that will be opened is Shell32.dll > Change that to Imageres.dll and explore some Cool Windows Vista High-Resolution Icons.

To learn More Icon Customization and Find out more DLL files with Icons in High-Resolution: NEW [Vista] Easily Change Hard Disk Drive Icons

[Vista] Adding Internet Explorer Icon, Network, Control Panel, Username and Public Folder to Desktop

USEFUL [Vista] How to Restore Folder Icons to Default

Unlock Me! Pinning your icons in the start menu

Shortcut Arrow Icon Customizations

Customizing Windows Vista Icons easily


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[Vista/XP] Easily Remove/Clean-up Internet Explorer Context Menu Entry

Simplicity and Knowledge: Got problems in removing Right-Click Menu items in IE 7 or 8? No problem, You can do it manually or just use the latest version of WinBubble. How?

remove ie context menu


Go to the Miscellaneous Tab > Click IE Button > Select the Item to be remove > Click the DELETE Button. Easy Right?

Note: If there's a need for backup, click the BACKUP Button first.




Click the Start Menu > Start Search > Type "regedit" > Open the Registry Editor and Go to the Path Below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt

Just delete the Registry key or folder that is equal to the Right-Click Menu Item Name/entry.

Enjoy Learning Windows Registry Tips and Tricks!

Read More: Customizing (Add and Edit) Context Menu just got Easy!

Removing Right-Click Menu Items, Customizing and Changing File Type Icons (File Extension) in Windows Vista

Add "Hide/Show Computer" in Network Icon Context Menu


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[Vista] Easily Change Drive Icons for Free Download

You can now change any disk drive icons and flash drives easily without searching and downloading from the Internet. Using the latest version of WinBubbles, Changing Hard disk and thumb drive icons to High-Resolution just got easy, Not just for the Geek's But For ALL!


This is the Ultimate update that enables you to browse directly the system icons of Windows Vista in which some of them are in High Resolution.

Open WinBubble and go to Icon Tab. Choose Which Drive you want to set and the new Icon Explorer will give some suggestions. It will help you browse and explore more icons from Imageres.dll, Shell32.dll, Synccenter.dll, Themecpl.dll, Accessibilitycpl.dll, Powercpl.dll and Zipfldr.dll


In Icon Explorer, Click "Browse for ico, dll, exe" Button, If you want to use the downloaded icons from the Internet or directly from an exe file.

I can say it's fun and hopefully all of you will like it.

Download Now and Enjoy using WinBubbles!

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[Vista] Easily Add Internet Explorer Icon, Network, Control Panel, Username and Public Folder to Desktop

In Windows Vista, there is no Hide/Show IE7 icon option. The new version of WinBubble can add the icon Easily by just selecting the option and press the Apply Button. That's it!


Although the previous version of WinBubble adds the icons to All Users, That Registry Trick is now disabled after the new Windows Update.

The Good thing, WinBubble is now 100% Compatible with Desktop Icon Settings Window which is the usual way on adding icons to desktop.


Right Click your Desktop > Personalize > On the Left Side of The Window, Choose Change Desktop Icons.

Cons: There is no IE Checkbox Option and Public Folder to hide or show

Using WinBubble You can set Different options on Desktop Customizations Group:


1. Download the latest version: WinBubble 1.75

2. Choose any option in General Tab > Desktop Customization Group

3. Click The Apply Button or Just Press "Alt-A"



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Customizing Windows Vista Icons easily


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Windows Update Disables some Registry Tricks

Recently, I noticed that the latest Windows Update disables some registry settings done in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Registry hive. Seems like same thing happened with my registry hack to Re-enable/Restore Start Menu Search which I Unlock First? The latest version of Winbubble 1.74 is affected. I'm going give some examples:   

Adding Network Icon To Desktop of All Users: Not working anymore




{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C} = 1




Adding Network Icon   




{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C} = 1   


Adding Control Panel   




{5399E694-6CE5-4D6C-8FCE-1D8870FDCBA0} = 1   


and many more...


The Good Thing:   


My Hidden Trick was revealed and WinBubble 1.75 will be release as soon as possible.   


Three Registry Settings in WinBubble doesn't work anymore. (Adding Network Icon, Control Panel Icon and Username Folder)   


Why Microsoft? Anyway, I don't mind... Microsoft has a reason and I'm going to respect it.




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Thank You Kind PCWORLD.COM

PCWORLD.COM_Downloads Even if I'm just a tiny, unnoticeable little guy in the Internet. I'm really proud that my little software WinBubble was reviewed by PCWORLD.COM and they have always time to send an email.

"it's hard to find something that this remarkable tweaking program can't do. Whether you're a dedicated Vista tweaker, or just getting started, there's something here for you. - Preston Gralla"

Recently, I sent an email to them and asking an apology why?

"Thank you very much for the quick reply. For the previous versions, I did not create a link back because I don't know how to update the file."

I'm thinking differently! I thought I'm just a guy (you know...)

The Great Preston Gralla

"Recently, I read an XP book that he was the author and when I checked it, I was shock that I didn't write anything to him..."

"After Reading the Book of Mr Preston, I was ashamed of myself. I'm really sorry..."

Now, I became one of your fans! He is a well-known technology expert and won number of awards for his writing.

Thank you very much Sir... It was a Dream Come True.



The Next Great Product

When I was in High School, I remembered my father, a physics professor that time, he always talked about Physics in our house. One time, he asked my brother to put his hand and let him push a 4-5 inches thick concrete wall. Are you getting Crazy People? What the...

After several years, I understand what he is trying to say: The Law of Action and Reaction, Newton's Third Law.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Or simply, In every force you exert there is always a force opposite and that's equal or else when you push the wall it will break and your motion will not stop.

I began blogging 10 months ago and because of that it push me to the limits that I saw the reaction of users and I created WinBubble.

What I am saying? We can't understand...

Me too... During the past few days, I am seeing something that should be done to this enormous data that we have. I saw a system that is not considered an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) but the users are using it as something that can give the Right Answer (The Reaction).

I hope someone can unlock this by pushing it hard and provide an equal reaction that will give us a formula that will change everything and bring a new great product that can shape the future of computing.

A Formula Beyond E=mc2...


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[Vista] Download uTorrent Manually To Update and Prevent the Error "Access is Denied"


"The uTorrent updater failed. The Error is: Access is denied."

My friend Kiz is a torrent movie fanatic and he always download programs using the tool. When the new version utorrent 1.8xx was released, this message was shown:

"A new version of utorrent (1.8xx build...) is available. Do you want to download and install it?..."

But while updating the program...the UAC appears and suddenly the update fails.

NOTE: I do not encourage people to download pirated or illegal copies of softwares, ebooks, and movies using the tool. This is only a solution from a problem that was asked for help.


1. Just search "Download utorrent" using Google and download software manually.

2. Uninstall the previous version by going to Control Panel > Program and Features > Find the Program and Click the Uninstall Button above.

3. Finally, Open and install the new one. That's it!


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"Application not found" Error Message in Vista/XP

Opening CD/USB Flash Drive: A friend of mine borrowed the flash drive to copy my program WinBubble and Youtube File Hack Tool. She brought back the USB Drive and I inserted it to my laptop (Drive D:, E:, F:, G:, H:, I:, J:, it depends on the number of drives exists). After Clicking the Drive Icon the Error Message appears: "Application Not Found" and because of that I cannot access the Drive.


Usually, this kind of problem occurs in CD/DVD that has a AutoRun.inf and the executable file that is set to open is damage, corrupted or lost (unreadable) when the installer is inserted. The Solution for CD, DVD and USB is almost the same (Read the Second Page).

[How To: Solution] Unlocking the Hidden Worm Virus in Windows

SAFETY FIRST!!! Install an Anti-Virus

If you have an Anti-Virus this will not be a problem because your Anti-Virus will sound/give an alarm when you accidentally clicked the File. or in Windows Vista UAC will Open and Ask you a confirmation.

I would like to be a Geek, Nerd or Virus Engineer/Expert Someday:

There's a work around, click the drive icon to expand located in the left-side window:

leftBarNow you can access the drive. Be sure that you can see the hidden files. Press ALT+T > Folder Options > View Tab > View hidden files and folders.


Look for AutoRun.infautoRun2 : In my situation, there are three files that appears to be hidden.


If you open the two files: f0.cmd and ivcvknr.bat in notepad. It appears to be encrypted and it's an executable program. Gotcha! a Worm-Virus



If you have an Anti-Virus, it will be automatically detected and clean/healed. If none, just delete the hidden files (VERIFY AND CHECK IT FIRST). IF "Access is denied" message appears, Right-Click the file > Properties > Uncheck the Option Read Only > OK (for .cmd and .bat)



"Application not found" Error Message in Vista/XP - 2

Go Back to Page 1 <<

Verifying the File in Simple Way (you can use other method):

I verified the file using AVAST Anti-Virus. How? Just Right-Click the file > Properties and it will give an alarm. You can use other Anti-virus like AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, NOD32 and others...

Virus Found! My Hypothesis is Correct.

Malware name: Win32: Trojan-gen {Other}
Malware type: Virus/Worm

Now, Let's Go Back to the Problem and the Solution about the Message

To Remove the Message, just delete the AutoRun.inf. For more details, Open AutoRun.inf and analyze the settings:


From my situation (Please see at the picture above), it appears that the problem is caused by a setting in autorun.inf to launch a program that appears to be a virus called dllcache32.exe when the usb is inserted. Since, it cannot locate the program in the recycled folder, It will give the message "Application not found".

NIFTY SOLUTION: Therefore, just delete the autorun.inf. That's it!

Finally, Safely Remove the USB Device and insert it again.

In CD/DVD: Just open AutoRun.Inf and checked if the file that is set to open is damaged or corrupted.

Looks like hackers and virus writers are exploiting the autorun.inf to spread the virus.

Scary Things: On some computers, the autoplay is set to run or explore the external storage devices when it is inserted. It can be use to create and launch a Key logger program/virus. When you insert the USB Disk it will automatically run and start logging/getting information (passwords, usernames, account numbers, credit card information ANYTHING!).

Windows Vista Prevention Tips:

1. READ MESSAGES and Always Turn-ON UAC, It will be detected and ask you if you like to launch the program.

2. Remove Autoplay using WinBubble: Disable Auto Play in All types of Media

Now, Your a beginner in detecting worms... Cool Right?

Go Back to Page 1 <<


Read More:

[Vista/XP] Worm Busted Part 2! How to Detect, Clean/Remove Manually inside the USB Flash Drive

The Best Protection Against Worms in Windows Vista

What?! It's Another Worm: SVHOST.EXE and NEW FOLDER.EXE


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Google (organic) Hits Restored


Now, my Google Search Hits was restored. In the past few days, there are times that I almost give-up and started thinking about selling my blogsite. Although I did not suffer or experienced a large impact because large part of the hits (50-70%) I received, came from the users and website administrators all over the world. In the long term, you will not grow without Google's Help. Again Thank you so much guys... I will not forget your help, for your emails and suggestions...

How and What Did I Learned?

During the Days when you were down, you've started thinking on how to solved the problem.

1. Think Deep, Don't just do anything without thinking for several times.

2. Have some rest, Due to the two consecutive programs I released. I suffer extreme stressed for the first few days of the month. I learned how to control my emotions and give time for my mind to rest.

3. Be truthful, In my experiences with Google Adsense, They have the Best Customer Service I ever encounter. So, They will give time to check your website if it's clean.

4. Start Cleaning your website links...and follow this guide: Webmater Guidelines 

5. Be Truthful, they can check. Post and Ask Help at Google Webmaster Help Section

"I do not accept any payments or pay for the help given by several
communities around the world in sharing my software. If I see that
they wholeheartedly supported and share my software to others... I gave a link. Is that illegal? I'm very sorry, this is my first time.

webmastertools6.  Login to your Google Webmaster Tools and Submit your website for reconsideration.

7. Wait and Pray...




If your lucky and Google approved your website for reconsideration:

Do not be careless again and always think before adding any links to your post/website.

Thank you Google! I have learned my lesson.



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Day 6,7-8: WinBubble 1.75 Beta 2, Quality VS Quantity

The results...


Now, WinBubble 1.75 Beta 1 is finished and plans for the Beta 2 version is on the way.

Beta 1: Increasing the Usability of Icon Tab

  1. The Icon Tab now supports DLL and EXE File Icons.
  2. The Drive Icon Customization can now detect different types of Drives (Fixed disk, CD/DVD, Virtual Drives, Network Drives, and Removable Drives).
  3. You can now customized your Drive Icons, Computer, Network, Control Panel Icon and Open Folder Icon without downloading icons from the Internet. You can accessed it easily using the Recommended or Suggested Vista Icons from your Windows System Files (Imageres.dll, Shell32.dll and others)
  4. Username folder and Desktop Icon Restore and Customization was added.
  5. Recycle Bin Icon Customization now automatically detects the current status.

Beta 2 Priority: Quality VS Quantity (Day 6, 7-8)

WinBubble now has a lot of Customization and Tweaks that is useful. The software can be use by Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Windows Users.

In Beta 2, I will check and verify ONE BY ONE all the features (along with Beta testers) in the program. Detailing if the feature is needed or not and If there's a need to add another feature.

In the coming days, I'm going to post if there's a new feature that was requested or given by the users.



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Day 1-2, 3-5: WinBubble 1.75 Beta 1

A Quick Look at the next version of WinBubble...


Priorities: Increasing the usability of Icon Tab

1. WinBubble can now give suggestions regarding the icons.

2. You can now load Icon libraries in DLL and Files.

3. OEM Information Automatic Backup was updated.

4. Reset to Default Button was updated.

Day 3-5

I'm still writing the update for the new version.

I'm going to post some screenshot tomorrow.

And more updates...coming soon.

I've decided that I will make it available for download in Beta 2...



I would like to thank Calvin of NotebookReview.com for giving me a great advice.

"Just focus on your Software Lawrence..."

As simple as that... But it really helps.

Also, I would like to thank Mr. Agent Smith of Neowin.net. I think I'm going to use your suggestion about the INI File on another idea...

Thanks Guys!!!


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Number One Gets the Best and Number Two takes what's Left


Is this true and does it really matters? Most of the times this is true especially in big companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple. The ecology of Internet is changing day by day. People are getting smarter, shifting from television to Youtube, PC to cell phones and most of the times they don't care if what they are using the Best product, as long as they are enjoying the system and it provides a solution for their needs.

Most of the companies want's to be the Best. But is it really important? If you'll create thousands of Useful tools that is not the best but provide a solution for everyone's need. That will be great!

That is what I noticed. The measurement of Being the Best is based on the quantity of usefulness and the number of relevant solutions that they've solved.

Google provides a solution in search that do not based on the correct answer or original answer but based on the popularity of the answer. Most of the times, this is being manipulated and exploited not only by the hackers but the famous companies itself.


Due to it's nature, It will benefit All. Companies are happy with the system because they have the power to win the popularity contest (To be the Best) but in the end... The Original Answer or the Creator himself  ALSO WINS...

Negative Effect: Some companies may use the system to manipulate the answers.

Microsoft, No Doubt Windows is still the best OS from children to adult. If Linux and Apple can provide a solution for millions of people like Bill Gates did. That would be great!

Negative Effect: Microsoft controls all of them. The technology is being based on a single company only. This is good if they will work hard every single day.

Firefox became popular because it solved most of the problems in Internet surfing. IE7 Protected Mode is the response.


Now, Do you want to be the Best?


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The First WinBubble Video in Youtube

This is the first WinBubble video that actually gave a detailed explanation about its features. Pretty Cool!

WinBubble, Great Application for Vista Part I

"This is basically a tuning application that's meant for Windows Vista only...It's very so Nice Service. It's a nice program because you can Tune-up a lot of things..."

Please take a look and have some fun. I'm planning to create a youtube video but I think, there's no need to do that. There's someone did it for me. Highly Recommended!

WinBubble, Great Application for Vista Part II

Thank you very much Mr. tjasko1!

Quick Tip: If you want to download the video, Download it using my new software called Youtube File Hack Tool or If you feel that it's not a Geek thing because it can be use only in Internet Explorer, Here's the manual way to download the video:

Youtube Hack! Manually Download and Save the Youtube Video.

It's easy!


More WinBubble Video:

Hacking Bubbles Screensaver: The First WinBubble Video

Other Tutorials: Windows Vista Unlocks, News, Tips and Tweaks


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Useless Stupid WinBubble Tip But Evolutionary: Creating a Button for my Picture and Video

Ok, I know your mind is already tired reading, hacking and learning about Windows Vista. So, Let's have some fun.

screenshot Did you know that WinBubble Tweaking Toolbox can create a button and run anything? As long as it can be run in Windows Explorer. WinBubble can run it too.

Let's try to add a picture: Open WinBubble and Go to Specific Tab. Click the "Add you Tools here" Button and select "All Files" in the Open Dialog Window.


Choose any picture... porn, your favorite star. ANYTHING! and click Open


Input any name...


Now, WinBubble has been customized... This will be the start of the evolution of creating an application.

Not Just For the Programmers... But For ALL!


Super Tweak:

What if you create a Registry File full of Tweaks and Create a Button for that. That would be Great!!!



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