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[Vista] Download uTorrent Manually To Update and Prevent the Error "Access is Denied"


"The uTorrent updater failed. The Error is: Access is denied."

My friend Kiz is a torrent movie fanatic and he always download programs using the tool. When the new version utorrent 1.8xx was released, this message was shown:

"A new version of utorrent (1.8xx build...) is available. Do you want to download and install it?..."

But while updating the program...the UAC appears and suddenly the update fails.

NOTE: I do not encourage people to download pirated or illegal copies of softwares, ebooks, and movies using the tool. This is only a solution from a problem that was asked for help.


1. Just search "Download utorrent" using Google and download software manually.

2. Uninstall the previous version by going to Control Panel > Program and Features > Find the Program and Click the Uninstall Button above.

3. Finally, Open and install the new one. That's it!

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thank you


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