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Day 1-2, 3-5: WinBubble 1.75 Beta 1

A Quick Look at the next version of WinBubble...


Priorities: Increasing the usability of Icon Tab

1. WinBubble can now give suggestions regarding the icons.

2. You can now load Icon libraries in DLL and Files.

3. OEM Information Automatic Backup was updated.

4. Reset to Default Button was updated.

Day 3-5

I'm still writing the update for the new version.

I'm going to post some screenshot tomorrow.

And more updates...coming soon.

I've decided that I will make it available for download in Beta 2...



I would like to thank Calvin of NotebookReview.com for giving me a great advice.

"Just focus on your Software Lawrence..."

As simple as that... But it really helps.

Also, I would like to thank Mr. Agent Smith of Neowin.net. I think I'm going to use your suggestion about the INI File on another idea...

Thanks Guys!!!



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