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Day 6,7-8: WinBubble 1.75 Beta 2, Quality VS Quantity

The results...


Now, WinBubble 1.75 Beta 1 is finished and plans for the Beta 2 version is on the way.

Beta 1: Increasing the Usability of Icon Tab

  1. The Icon Tab now supports DLL and EXE File Icons.
  2. The Drive Icon Customization can now detect different types of Drives (Fixed disk, CD/DVD, Virtual Drives, Network Drives, and Removable Drives).
  3. You can now customized your Drive Icons, Computer, Network, Control Panel Icon and Open Folder Icon without downloading icons from the Internet. You can accessed it easily using the Recommended or Suggested Vista Icons from your Windows System Files (Imageres.dll, Shell32.dll and others)
  4. Username folder and Desktop Icon Restore and Customization was added.
  5. Recycle Bin Icon Customization now automatically detects the current status.

Beta 2 Priority: Quality VS Quantity (Day 6, 7-8)

WinBubble now has a lot of Customization and Tweaks that is useful. The software can be use by Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Windows Users.

In Beta 2, I will check and verify ONE BY ONE all the features (along with Beta testers) in the program. Detailing if the feature is needed or not and If there's a need to add another feature.

In the coming days, I'm going to post if there's a new feature that was requested or given by the users.




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