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RegDevelopTM, Control System using your Mobile Phone






The software lets you create endless designs and possibilities that will suits in your needs from a very simple ones to complex input and output digital operations.

Useful Recommended Applications

  • In third-world countries, students living from other places and islands usually travel back to school located in the city to check their grades. This time, students can check their grades and other enrollment information using sms or text messages. Great for poor families.
  • You can design a system that will minimized all the operational cost of your business by lowering the power consumption by monitoring and turning off all the power if not in used.
  • Farmers can create their own system based on their needs especially those irrigation systems that needs to check on power supply and pump operation. They can design a system that can remove the need to travel long distances and it is updatable if there is an expansion being done.
  • Save energy by creating a system that lets you turn off devices inside the house if not in used – same way if the system will be used in Internet Cafe.
  • You can also design an application like one of the winner last year that allows users to text-message the quality-authentication code found on the packaging of anti-Malarial and other medications in order to guard against counterfeit drugs.
  • You can design an application that can reply inspirational messages or text messages regarding the Environment and inspired students to do more.
  • And many more designs in the future...


Most of the great things today came from those very simple ideas – Anders Hejlsberg of Microsoft”


I’m just trying to show that the idea can be done and used by any below average income earners up to rich families and businesses.

I already have the ideas in my notes during my 3rd year college projects in engineering and that is year 2002. The integrated development environment was based on my software called RegDevelop, designed to create applications in just few minutes without writing any code.

Need to rest for few days after two months of Work!

Please stay tuned! Hope I’ll win and I’m going to make sure that It will fund my study.

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