Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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Windows Live Writer Basics

I. How to Add a weblog account?
1. Click Weblog Menu->Add Weblog Account
    Choose 'Another Weblog service' and click next

2. Input the information's that are needed.
    (url, gmail account and password)

3. Click finished to begin blogging!

4. However, if it asks for BlogId for posting.
Just goto your dashboard, click post. Copy the Blogid located in the address box and paste it inside the sign "<paste it here>".
II. How to open/edit the previous blogs?
- Click the Open Icon and choose the Blog Name that you want to open.

III. When writing blogs, I noticed that when 'enter' key is used, the
     space in between paragraphs are bigger. 

To fix:
  - use Table for layout of paragraphs and pictures.

IV. How to switch between accounts and remove weblog accounts?  

   For switching between accounts:
    Click Weblog Menu->Weblog Name

   In removing an account, Tools Menu->Accounts.



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