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RegDevelop RAD Tool Plans

This is my licensing plans to my software(s) one to three years from now.

license plans

Well, As far as I know. At first, I don’t know what can I see about myself five years from now. But as I learned each sides (Close Source and Open Source Idealism). I think, there is a reason why we need some applications to be Close Source and other applications to be an Open Source Software.

They both have disadvantage and advantage.

The truth is, 18 months ago I have not seen any Open Source Code before. Why? I’m happy with my job as a Control Engineer and writing applications in my spare time offline.

As I go along learning all the stuff in the Internet. I have seen different cultures and sides.

If you ask me to choose which path I must take.

It depends on which users I will work for…

Linux, Mac or Windows?

It doesn’t matter

Hybrid - Open Source, Closed Source or Open Source

Any doesn’t matter.

So, It means you can create a software for Linux? Maybe, If the users insist and my experience is enough.

What If Microsoft, Google and other Open Source Guys Hire you to create a software?

Well, I don’t know if that’s possible. I’m a user centric person and if that happens… I’m going to do my best to work with Microsoft Users, Google or Open Source Users.

What matters most? The Users…



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