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How to Check the Processor Type, OS version and BIOS Information on Computer

systemlogo Need to retrieve, find or verify the most important System Information before buying the new laptop or Desktop Computer such as Processor, OS, Memory and BIOS Information?

What’s the quickest way and where?


Quick View of System Information

Click the Start Menu > Right-Click the Computer Link > Properties


It will display the most important information in your computer.


There are some workarounds to manipulate these data and the store that you’ll buy these computer can change the Computer specifications and other information. Now, Using third-party software is recommended to get the latest and correct Information of the computer.


Using WinGuggle to get the System Information

The new version of WinGuggle provides plenty of information to analyze numerous aspects of your computer. Open the System Summary Tab and Double Click the System Information Icon.


Once the System Summary Window is open, you’ll see the latest and detailed Information of your PC.

OS version

If your a computer geek and you want the most detailed information in your Registry. Here’s the complete Registry Key Location of these System Information's that you want to retrieve.

Using Windows Registry


  • SystemBiosDate
  • SystemBiosVersion
  • VideoBiosDate
  • VideoBiosVersion


  • BIOSReleaseDate
  • BIOSVendor
  • BIOSVersion
  • BaseBoardManufacturer
  • BaseBoardProduct



  • ProcessorNameString
  • VendorIdentifier
  • ~MHz (use the decimal value)
  • Identifier

Hope this helps!



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