Author: Lawrence Albert Pardo-Ilao - Naga City, Philippines

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How to Add Icons to Control Panel in Windows 7 and Vista (Folders, Programs or Applications)



Did you ever wonder how mainstream manufacturers such as Intel and AMD add custom Control Panels Items for their hardware?






Using the newest version of WinBubble. Yes you can!

You can add any Programs, Applications and Folders to Control Panel in just few seconds.

Open the Tools Tab of the application, go to My Computer and Control Panel Group, and fill-up all the details.

Adding Folder to Control Panel


Name   My Projects   (or any name that you want)

File/Folder   explorer c:\myfiles\2010\Projects

Tool Tip   Projects for this year

Icon   C:\Windows\system32\imageres.dll,68

Click the Set Option. That's it!

Adding Programs to Control Panel


Read here for more details.

That’s it! Enjoy using WinBubbles!



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