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Program to open and close the dvd/cd drive in Windows 7 and Vista

Did you ever experience being hijack by a virus that automatically opens your cd-rom drive tray randomly that some people may think its a ghost?

It sounds a joke but my brothers computer was infected by a virus last year that It acts like someone is scaring you.

If that virus was encountered by a non-techie individual, they might think its was a ghost.

The new version of winbubble has many hidden features that is not included or published in several downloading sites.

In the next few days, I’m going to discussed some of the useful winbubble hidden secrets!

Command to open the CD/DVD tray

"[Installed location of WinBubble]\Tools\htool" /cd:open

Command to close the CD/DVD tray

"[Installed location of WinBubble]\Tools\htool" /cd:close

Additional Tip: You can create a keyboard shortcut or hotkey for feature like the feature to turn off and turn on windows aero.

Hope this helps!



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