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Quick Tip: Speed up Minimize and Maximize of Window in Windows Vista

To see is to believed: For two days now, I am trying to emulate the speed of Windows 7 in Vista. One feature that can be access by anyone is increasing the speed of maximizing and minimizing a window by removing the animation feature.


Simply press Windows Key + R to launch the Run Window and type rundll32.exe Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL SysDM.cpl,,3

Alternatively, you can press Win+Pause and once the System Window opens click the “Advance system settings” located at the left side of the window. Afterwards UAC will open, just push the Continue button.


In Performance Group, Click the Settings Button. Performance option window will open and in Visual Effect Tab click the “Custom:” option.


Simply uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing and hit the Apply Button.

That’s it.

Proof: Disable the feature and open a Picture (.jpg or png) in  Pictures folder using Windows Photo Gallery.

I’m sure you’ll noticed a huge difference… especially if Windows Vista SP2 is already installed. It’s close to Windows 7 speed.

Enjoy :D



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