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All folders are gone in USB flash Drives

According to AVG only 3% of today’s security problems are caused by ‘traditional’ viruses and in my experience, most of them are using the older version of Windows.


Ok, many Windows users asked me several weeks ago how in the world their files are missing in just few minutes. After examining the flash disk, I found out worms are responsible for hiding the files and it self propagates through autorun.inf again.

During that day I remembered the good old useful article in vista.

How to Show all hidden Folders

Be sure that you have scanned and cleaned all the virus in your drive first and proceed with the How to guide below.

Open the command prompt as administrator


Once it opens, go to your usb drive (in my case drive g)and launch the attrib command as shown below:

g:                                                   and press enter

attrib -h -s -r -a * /s /d                    



The parameters will depend on the worm virus that infected your system so I included all of them.

That’s it! Hope this helps!



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