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Innovation Wave – Users will become more Happy Soon

This is the list of New Products recently that I think has a fair and big chance of hitting the jackpot.

Windows 7


Windows 7 is the new operating system by Microsoft. The OS is fast, stable, user experience is amazing and few annoyances. The good thing in this OS is that it will run on low end PCs.

For more information about Windows 7, check out the article from Wikipedia and my new blog dedicated to Windows 7 tips and tricks.

Google Wave


Google Wave is the new project by Google designed to unite different messaging technology into one. It is an open-source computing platform that will merge e-mail, instant messaging and social networking.

Watch the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009. It’s really cool… Nice!

For developers check out some Google Wave API samples.

Project Natal

It is a new way to play games: no controller is required. Personally, I think the project is possible. I have seen some small science technology projects that utilizes only the camera to analyze the movements and play games. If they added sensors for more accurate detection. It’s possible.

Watch the advertisement at Youtube.com and I’m sure you’ll be amazed.


bing Bing is the new Search Engine develop by Microsoft. They said it was designed to compete with Yahoo and Google but I don’t see any competition because some of it’s features are different.

I will use Google to search anything but certainly I’ll use the Image Seach by Bing. why? It’s a man thing. :D

Check out Bing and try some of it’s features.


I’ll add more soon…


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