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This NEW thread presents a topic that cannot be seen in any Windows Vista/XP Tweaking guides, Tips and Tricks websites and other famous websites. Based on Google search that I have done.

A. Microsoft Desktop Window Manager command list (Flip3d and Glass style effect)

Microsoft Desktop Window Manager is responsible for the Aero effects in our Windows Vista machine.

Recently, I read a Windows Vista Tip on how to create a Flip 3D shortcut, maybe almost all of the Vista forums, Windows Vista Tweaking guides and Windows Vista Tips and tricks websites has this tip. I was amazed about the tip...because you can create an application that if you click the middle part of your mouse (scroll wheel button), Flip3D will execute. WOW!

One question pops-up in my head, how about the other commands? After experimenting with it, I found 3 functioning parameters.

Activate Flip3D: Rundll32 dwmApi #105

Turn off the Glass style effect: Rundll32 dwmApi #104

Turn on the Glass style effect: Rundll32 dwmApi #102

Note: Run the command prompt as Administrator

B. Direct download link of YouTube

YouTube Hack! Get Youtube Direct download link without using any website or windows application.

1. Go to the Youtube video that you want to download. and Right Click to the vacant space->View source

2. Press CTRL+F, and type "watch_fullscreen?"

3.  Copy the next String starting from "Video_id=...." up to "title" only, no more "=" character at the end.



4. Direct Download link:

htpp://www.youtube.com/get_video? + COPIED string



This Windows Vista Tip, Turning on and turning off the Windows Vista Aero (Glass style effect) using these parameters in one click is FIRST, and can only be seen here in UnlockForUs.Blogspot.com. Same in getting the youtube direct download link.

So, any blogs or articles that will use this Windows Vista tip, Please give a credit to this BlogSite, Example:

"SOURCE: unlockforus.blogspot.com" or

"Thanks to http://unlockforus.blogspot.com"

Thank you very much!

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