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UnlockMe! A new, easy, customizable advertising option to your Blog

Do you want an easy way to put a flash based advertisement to your blog site? Or even choose what kind of products you want on it. Here it is!

Its amazing! It took me only 5mins to put my ads without knowing how to set it up.

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In WidgetBucks, you can get 25$ upon signing up.

The best thing with this advertisement option, it is easy to put, flash based, you can narrow-down/choose what kind of products you want, you can put multiple different kinds of advertisements and even you can be paid through your paypal account.

That's what I am looking for!

Here's a sample I have created, an advertisement for Digital Cameras.

It can easily integrate  with your Windows Live Writer / Wordpress blog, just copy and paste a simple javascript code in your blog. Currently there are 5 ad sizes are available and you can set the colors to match with your website.



Almost perfect but I'd  like to see more options like in Ad sizes. It is few, specially the small ones. or maybe make it customizable? How about letting me choose what product I want to advertise? Lastly, I would like to see an option that you can set if it is text based and flash based.


WidgetBucks is worth to try... There are many good features and cannot be found on other advertisement options.

For me, I will try it. How about you?



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