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Unlock! Put a Language translation to your website

Recently, I stumble upon a website that gives a tutorial on how to put a language translation on your blogs. But the problem is, the example doesn't automatically change your website in one click. So, I studied it. After 1 hour, solved!

language translation

Here's the code. It is very much different to the website I stumbled upon.  It uses Google Translation technology. Just copy and paste it.

Note: Change '' to your web address.

If you put this in your website, please give me credit. Just published a blog that is saying thanks to me, :) Enjoy!

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Change the Website Language:</span>
<a href=";langpair=en%7Cja&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|ja" name="langpair" title="日本語/Japanese" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Cfr&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8">  <img src="" value="en|fr" title="Français/French" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Cde&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|de" name="langpair" title="Deutsch/German" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Cit&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|de" name="langpair" title="Italian" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Ces&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8">  <img src="" value="en|es" name="langpair" title="Español/Spanish" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Cpt&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|pt" name="langpair" title="Português/Portuguese" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a>
<a href=";langpair=en%7Cko&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|ko" name="langpair" title="한국어/Korean" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=";langpair=en%7Czh-TW&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF8"> <img src="" value="en|zh-CN" name="langpair" title="中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified" type="image" height="20" width="30" /></a><a href=""></a>


Haryati said...

Hi..i tried but the code is just an explanation on the product...

Haryati said...
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LawrenceAlbert said...

hello! sorry for replying late. anyway, I have tried the code I publish, for now it still working!
please check your setup...


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