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Today, the complexity of Computer Technology has gotten so far that virtually you can now go anywhere around the world.

But how about your privacy? Whenever you visit a website, you leave an 'ID' that reveals where you came from, what kind of computer you have, OS and many more.

How about your company?

A connection to the Internet means that you are connected in the network which is provided by your internet service provider (ISP). A packet sniffer that is located at your ISP would be able to look all of your online activities like web sites you visited, even where you sent the e-mail and its content. Everything, if they really want it.

What if your a genius? You have the potential for creating new products and you are living in a place provided by your company. They can sniff all the things that you do and STEAL your ideas.

They can also put a desktop monitoring software that acts like a trojan virus. What can you do about it? Plug it out...

Please share your ideas...

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