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UnlockThis! Cracking the 8-Character Windows Vista Password for three to five days

Using NVIDIA GPU, dual core CPU and "Brute force" technique, it is now possible to recover the logon password for Windows Vista. 


Last October 22, 2007, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. has filed a US patent on a breakthrough. A technology based on the combined power of Central Processing Unit and its video card's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The result will allow to build low cost PCs that will work like supercomputers when recovering lost passwords. It will decrease the time that it takes to perform password recovery by a factor of up to 25.

ElcomSoft, a Russian computer software company specializing in computer security and data recovery applications provides state-of-the-art software cryptology and forensics, offers a wide range of password recovery solutions. They said that using their new technology, the process would take only three to five days for an 8-character string composed of uppercase and lowercase alphabetic characters to be cracked using the combination of dual-core CPU and a $150 Nvidia GPU. Unlike using a modern dual-core PC only, you can perform a brute-force technique up to 10,000,000 passwords per second, and it will complete the task in two months.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery can be downloaded using the following link. ElcomSoft is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner and member of the Intel® Software Partner Program.

Credits: Elcomsoft



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