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"Men achieve a certain greatness unawares, when working to another aim" --Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Hidden Windows XP Serial Key"

Google Chrome Temporary Files location (Cache), Bookmarks/Favorites Database Hack!


Web and Software Reviews

What is Google Chrome? Download Now!

Quick Tip: Simplest way to Save Time in using Google Search

Virtual Girl of the Future, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)?

How to Open/Load .ISO Files in Windows Vista/XP

WinGuggle, Get your Windows Vista/XP Product Key easily UnlockForUs "Useful", Product Key Recovery Tool

CPU-Z, a useful System Profiler tool

Windows DVD Maker, create your own Professional-looking video DVDs

CDBurnerXP, burns Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs for FREE

Shock 4way 3D, adds a WOW factor.


Put a Language translation to your website

Internet Explorer 7 Top Ten features



How to Disable the Task Manager for Limited or Standard Accounts in Windows

Secure logon for Windows XP and Vista

Hide your computer in the Network


Google Chrome Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

[Google Chrome] Sync your Bookmarks / Favorites Across Two or more Computers (Passwords too!)

[Google Chrome] Save Youtube Videos using the Favorites/Bookmarks

Tips and tricks: Google Chrome Secret Pages Hack!

[How] Opening Google Chrome SQLite V3 Database Files

[How] Opening Google Chrome Files: History, Archived History, Cookies, Thumbnails and Web Data

[Help-Files] Find, Edit and Change Google Chrome Download Directory Location

[Help] Where is Google Chrome Homepage Button, Gone?


Windows XP Tips and Tricks

* Start Menu and Sub-Menu Speed in Windows

* Hung App Time, Freeze Time and Auto End Tasks for Windows Application

Skip the Welcome Screen in Windows 7/Vista/XP

Creating a Windows XP Unattended Installer

How to Remove Entering of Serial Key in Windows XP Setup

Use the Task Manager like a Widget or Sidebar Gadgets

Task Manager's Menu Bar, Tabs, Minimize, Maximize and Close Button is Missing in Windows XP and Vista

[Vista/XP] How to Set up Ad hoc Wifi Wireless Networking Without a Router

[Vista/XP] How to Share Internet Connection in Ad hoc Network

System File Checker Tool: Scans, Checks and Restore Corruptions in Windows System Files

Opening CD/USB Flash Drive "Application not found" [Vista-XP Security: Virus/Worm Busted!]

[Vista/XP] How to Enable or Disable a User Account

* [Vista/XP] How to Customize your OEM Information

* [Vista/XP] Launch and Run Programs during Startup

Adding your applications to Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)

How to Restore DVD Drive Label / Names in Windows Vista/XP

* Partitioning your Drive in Windows XP without destroying your files

* Customize your boot Menu in Windows XP

Unlock Me! Disabling USB drives/Storage

Unlock Me! Pinning your icons in the start menu

"I can't see my new hardisk"

Quicktip: How to prolong your Laptop Battery


Other Topics

[Help] How to Get your Feed-ID (Blog-ID)

Windows Live Writer: File Upload Failed

Windows Live Writer Basics

Windows Live Writer, an excellent WYSWG Blog tool (What You See What You Get)

How to download/Save Youtube videos

How to Backup/Copy a DVD Movie

Latitude D630, Ultimate Business Notebook



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