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UnlockThis! Internet Explorer 7 Top Ten features

Internet Explorer 6 below is subject to many criticism, most of them concerns is its security and degree of support for open standards. There are many vulnerabilities and exploitation of security holes has earned IE as the least secure of the major browsers. Spyware, Adware and computer viruses across the Internet are made possible by bugs and flaws.

Windows Internet Explorer 7

The first major version of IE in over 4 years. Large portion of this program have been significantly rework. Microsoft dubbed it as the  "most secure" version of Internet Explorer to date.

Top 10 New features

Protected Mode, sadly this is available only in Windows Vista. The browser runs in a lower rights that prevents malicious websites to write anything in the operating system beside the Temporary Internet files folder. I will call this feature as 'IE shield'.

Integration, for better security the Internet explorer is no longer integrated to windows explorer shell. They are now separated.

Phishing Filter, a protection against online scams that are considered to be dangerous for a user to enter and is checked against a masterlist of known sites (both local and online service). This is not turn-on by default so you have to manually turn it on in Tools Menu-->Phising filter-->Turn On  Automatic Website Checking.

ActiveX Opt-In, by default ActiveX are disabled. This improves security concerns against its own technology.

IE7 cipher strength, 256-bit sadly for Windows Vista only, 128 bit for Windows XP.

Pop-up blocker, a built-in pop-up blocker that prevents malicious sites disguising as trusted sites.

Tabbed browsing, a popular feature that can be seen in firefox.

Quick Tabs (CTRL-Q), a very useful feature for general users which displays a thumbnail view  of opened tabs.

Search box, has been added to the top-right corner which is useful for everyday surfing to the net.

One touch deletion, "Delete Browsing History" cleans the browsing history in a single step. Unlike the previous version that you have to go to a multistage process.

There are many other useful changes in the Internet explorer like 'Reset Internet Explorer Settings', Clear type feature, improvements that benefits most developers, Page Zoom and many more. These Top ten are the most needed and usable features in everyday surfing the Internet.

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