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Unlock Me! Partitioning your Drive in Windows XP/Vista without destroying/losing your files

This tutorial was requested by Hubert from the Philippines.

1. First, Download Gparted LiveCD, here

2. Burn the ISO file using Roxio or Nero, or the other free burning tools like CDburnerXP Pro.

3. Reboot your computer and start it using the Gparted LiveCD. Before you do it, you must set the boot sequence first in your BIOS options. 
4. During the load, Select auto-configuration->Press Enter to load keymap->Enter for US.

5. Right Click the drive to be partitioned and Select 'Resize/Move'.

6. Next Click and move the Slider (GREEN colored box) to resize.

A picture from http://gparted.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php

7. After that Click 'Resize/Move' button and then the Apply Button. Viola!

8. Format and Create a partition
NEXT: Choose between Method 1 or 2

Method 1 
Using Gparted:

a. Mark the 'Unallocated Space' and click the NEW icon-> use as primary disk.

b. Right Click -> format -> NTFS.

c. Click the Apply button.

That's all!

Method 2
After that reboot and remove the LiveCD.
Windows XP/Vista will detect something wrong, it will reconfigure and have a disk check.

Go to Control Panel\Administrative Tools. Select Computer Management. Select the Unallocated Space-> Right Click choose 'New Partition'.

Just select the default options: (Next Button)




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