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[Direct-Download] What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a new web browser created as open source by Google in which tabs will be open as separate process designed for stability, speed and security.


  1. This prevents other opened url/websites from interfering with each other. Using this modern operating systems designs (multiprocessing architecture) will result in a less memory overall.
  2. You can now see what websites are using more bandwidth to open.

Other Cool Features:

  1. Every time you open a new tab, there's a set of thumbnails of pages for easy access.
  2. An automated test are being done by a system called "Chrome Bot"
  3. Bad Garbage Collection of current Javascript Engines was fixed.
  4. SandBoxing will prevent malware from installing itself in every pc. If you close the tab, all the programs/code that runs on that tab will be terminated.

INNOVATION WAY: "It's in our interest to make the Internet better and without competition we have stagnation...As excited as we are about building Google Chrome, It's important to help ALL Browsers become MORE POWERFUL --" - Google.com

What can I say? WOW!

I recommend all people to read the comic book that will explain everything one by one. Not just For the Programmers and Geeks But For ALL.

Google Chrome Features: Comic book

To download the Google Browser: DOWNLOAD NOW

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chrome is really fast!


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