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[Vista] FIX: Your phone is in file transfer mode and cannot be used with PC Suite...

When you try to connect your Nokia Phone via USB in Windows Vista the Error message occurs. Also, we will notice another message in Nokia PC suite and a Tool Tip in the Notification area that says:

"Nokia Device Bus connected in non-compatible mode..."

Other Symptoms:

1. You cannot connect the phone to your laptop / PC

2. Nokia Browser through Windows Explorer is very slow

3. Connecting the phone and setting as Mass storage most of the times doesn't work.

4. Windows Explorer is always closing and restarting.

5. Lots of Error messages while using Nokia PC Suite.


Main Cause:

  1. By Clicking the Option "Locate and install driver software (recommended)", you are allowing the old incompatible Device Driver to be installed (CDC Comms Interface). Therefore, next time you plug-in your Nokia phone, it will automatically connect, re-install the driver and the error message will appear.
  2. You are using the older and incompatible version of PC suite in Windows Vista

[Prevention is Better than Cure]:

Download and open WinBubble to create a Context Menu/Right-Click Item and use it to create a restore point manually before installing, using or connecting anything devices in your Windows Vista computer e.g. software installation and changing System Files.

Read this guide: Adding "Create a Restore Point" Right-Click Menu

Quick Solution:

1. Choose "Don't show this message again for this device"

Permanent Solution (Recommended)

If you already clicked the first option. Open System Restore by going to Start Search > type "rstrui" or simply type System restore.

Once System Restore Tool is open Choose the Description:

"Install: Device Driver Package Install: Nokia Ports (COM & LPT)"

Note: If you can't see the Description, choose the older restore point e.g. Installation of Nokia PC Suite


After Restoration, please proceed with the steps below:


Uninstall the old version, download and install the latest software of Nokia PC Suite. The new version is Windows Vista compatible which is faster, reliable and stable build.


1. It will remove all the error messages and switching the mode of connection (PC Suite, Mass Storage, Media Player and PictBridge) is fast.

2. The sluggish Nokia Browser in Windows Explorer is now stable and you will not anymore see Windows Explorer crashing.

3. Automatic Connection and detection of the phone.

Nokia Phone Models that has been reported to have this problem in Windows Vista:

"Your phone is in file transfer mode and can not be used with PC suite. Quit file transfer mode from the phone if you want to use the phone with PC Suite."

Nokia 6680

Nokia N70, N73

Nokia 3250

Nokia 3230

Nokia 6555

If your phone is not listed above and these steps solved your problem... Please write a comment below.

Thanks in Advance.

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Anonymous said...

i installed nokia pc suite in windows vista and I had this messages. thank you for the fix. I wonder why some websites copied the entire article? they should be ashamed.


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