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The Best Protection Against Worms in Windows Vista

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These things happened several weeks ago and It's really creepy. There are many variants and kinds of worms now. No wonder why Microsoft enabled UAC by default in Windows Vista.

For Better protection:

1. Turn ON UAC (User Account Control) In Windows Vista

Using WinBubbles: Security Tab > Prompt for Consent (Default/Recommended) > Click the Apply Button or simply press "ALT-A"

2. Turn OFF/Disable Autoplay in Windows Vista/XP

Download and Open WinBubbles > Go to Security Tab > Disable AutoPlay in all types of media > Simply press "ALT-A" or click the Apply Button



3. Create a Restore Point Before Installing any Software or Programs

This will let you recover system files that has been modified and restore your Computer after installation of Incompatible Drivers:

- Put a "Create a Restore Point" Context Menu



4. Learn How to Check and Restore your Windows System Files

- How to use SFC.EXE Tool in Windows Vista

5. Please read my first article about Worms:

Opening CD/USB Drive "Application not found" [Vista-XP Security: Virus/Worm Busted!]

6. Always Update your copy of Windows Vista by installing Service Pack 1 and other Windows Security Updates


For Best Protection:

Follow and learn the recommended steps above, and Install the Best Free Anti-virus Programs like AVG and AVAST


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