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[How] Hack Attack: Easily Backup and Restore the Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Vulnerability: Without using any tools beside Google Chrome itself, you can decrypt and view any passwords easily.


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Where and How to Get and backup the Password File (SAME User only)

1. Show all the Files: Open Windows Explorer > Folder Options > View Tab Show Hidden Files and Folders

2. Go to the Hidden Google Chrome Data Folder

3. Just copy the Web Data File


and back up/copy the file to any directory.

4. If the time will comes that you need to restore Several passwords because your username(s) and password(s) do not login correctly. Just Copy the backup file and overwrite the file. Open the Web Browser and Click the Small wrench > Options > Minor Tweaks and Click the Show Saved Password.


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Anonymous said...

what if I go to the options and just view the password?

Anonymous said...

thats a neat trick!


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