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[Help] Where's the Recent Pages Button in Google Chrome? It's Gone!

"I wanted to go back and access one of the previously visited web pages but I have noticed that the small drop down arrow - Recent Pages button is missing. Is it hidden?"

ie firefox

Recently, more and more people are appreciating the speed and simplicity of the New Web Browser. The program was designed in a minimal simple interface but hidden features are buried deep within the browser.


In Firefox where the Recent Pages Button is too small to click, now gone in Google Chrome Web Browser.

Minimal Interface Design...

How? You can push the Backspace Button several times or Just Click and Hold Down the Forward/Back Button...



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Peter J. de Bruin said...

You can right-click the forward/back buttons to get the list of recent pages.

Lawrence Albert said...

I didn't noticed that! Thank you very much! Please read my other articles and share more ideas...


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