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[Help] Edit, Find and Change Google Chrome Download Directory Location

"Hello Lawrence, Thank you for sharing Google Chrome... It's really fast. I'm still learning Windows Vista and Great Website! It's fun reading your tips and tweaks page. Especially the Youtube Hack, WEI score Hack and changing my Hard drive icons using WinBubble. I'm wondering where or how to find the file downloaded from a website? There is no ALT+T > Options - Bet"



Hello Bet! Thank you for visiting my website and for using WinBubble. There are several ways to know the download location:

  1. While Downloading a file: At the Bottom Left-side of the screen, Click the Right Side - Drop Down Button and Choose "Show in folder". It's the equivalent of Open Containing folder in Firefox.
  2. To change the Download location, you need to go to the icon located as shown below:


Click the Options Menu Item > Google Chrome Option Window will open and just click the Browse Button to change the Download Location.


TIP: If you like to open Save As Dialog Window before downloading any file, click the option "Ask where to save each file before downloading"

If you like to find the previously downloaded file: Just click the Show all Downloads link (While Downloading).


or just press CTR+J (Same Keyboard Shortcut in Firefox)

history download

Google Chrome is simply amazing! Enjoy!

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