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Using WinBubbles as TweakUI for Windows 7 and Vista

WinTinker Password Generator, easily generate strong and secure passwords…



NEW VERSION AVAILABLE! WinBubble, Customize and Tweak Window Vista/7 easily


CLICK HERE to Download WinBubbles and WinGuggle


64/32-Bit Version AVAILABLE

WinGuggle, Retrieve Office and Windows Vista/7-XP  Serial Keys, Customizes OEM and User Information, and Lets you access the most important information about  your system.


WinBubbles-Lite, updatable and lightweight version of winbubble.

regdevelop5RegDevelop is the Next Generation of creating Customization Programs like WinBubbles, TweakUI and other utilities.

Regdevelop will start the idea of creating application (Customization and GUI to programs) that can be edited, shared and updated by any user.



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