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Shortcut Key to Disconnect GPRS, EDGE, 3G/HSDPA Dial-up Internet Connection in Windows Vista

We have seen a rampant growth in Wireless Internet Industry from homes, malls, airport and even city wide wireless solutions. iBurst or HC-SDMA provides the user seamless wireless experience on the go. Cellular Networks and Internet VOIP are replacing the old POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service Lines.

I have an Engineering License to work in Telecom Industry but who knows... Maybe, I'll shift from Control System Engineering to Telecom or IT? or if I'm lucky, as Internetpreneur!

Let's go back to the topic. My 3G/HSDPA modem is not well written that sometimes I can't click the manufacturers software in the Notification area.

Here's the fix / Solution:

The command doesn't requires to launch as administrator, so it's easy! Just Make or Create a shortcut to Disconnect the Internet Connection to your Desktop and Enter this command: rasdial /disconnect

Right-click your Desktop > NEW > Shortcut


You can change the Icon if you like: Right-Click > Properties > Change Icon...


you may encounter the message "The File c:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe contains no icons. Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file". Just press ok.

Finally, simply drag it to your Quick launch taskbar.


Press Win+Pos e.g. WinKey+4 as shown from the picture above

That's it.



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Lawrence Albert said...

Note: The Command also works in Windows XP.



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