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To Remove All the threat of Macro Viruses in Office Documents like  Excel and Word, Microsoft adapted the Four Levels of Macro Security. In Office 2007 we have seen .xlsm format in which all macro-enabled documents needs to be save using the new file type for additional security.

How to Run / Enable Macro in Documents

It's easy to Activate the Macro in a Document: Click the Option Button > In Security Alert - Macros & ActiveX Window, Select Enable this Content


To customize how Macro-enabled Documents are opened:

1. Open the Trust Center Window

Press ALT+F+I to open the Option Window > In the Left Pane, Select the Trust Center Button > Click the Trust Center Settings... Button


Using the Developers Tab, Click the Macro Security Icon

If you can't see the Tab, Read this First

2. Customize the Settings


Option 1: Disable all Macros without notification

Option 2: Disable all Macros with notification

Option 3: Disable all Macros except digitally signed macros

Option 4: Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run)

These are the Four Security-Level of Macro enabled Documents which corresponds to Very High, High, Medium and Low.


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