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Simple Way to Monitor Opened Files in a Shared Folder Across the Network

Your a Beginner, Intermediate or Knowledgeable in computers and your connected to the Internet. Windows Vista will let you choose 3 options: Home, Work and Pubic. Which option will you select?

When you use Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN Messenger and other Instant Messenger applications. Are WE Safe?

Please share your ideas below...

Simply by using "net use" and "net view" command you can connect and share files across the Local Area Network and even from one country to another.

If you want to try using Windows Explorer. It will hang while browsing the Network Neighborhood. So start by studying the command: net /?

During the Windows 98 days, I usually shared my files to my friend several kilometers from our house using the ordinary 56kbps modem and the Dial-up Networking Server feature. Back then, It was so awesome and exciting that we can play games, copy mp3s and shared docs without using the Internet as a backbone.

That learning and fun experiences brought me in understanding the world of Internet.

Let's go back to the Main Topic. Who's accessing your files across the Network? How can we check if someone or somebody is accessing my shared files?

1. Right-Click the Computer Icon > Manage

2. Once Computer Management is Open > Expand the Shared Folders and Take a look at the two features: Sessions and Open Files

Windows XP: Sessions


The User LAWRENCE is connected and using the Computer with IP-Address

Windows Vista: Sessions


Windows XP: Open files


The User Lawrence is opening the file called sessions.png located at the folder d:\la files\whos accessing\

Windows Vista: Open Files


Note: The same in Windows 2000

To monitor the other PCs: Click the Action Menu > "Connect to another computer..." and make sure that you have enough access rights.


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Anonymous said...

choosing public always is the best option.

but many people who doesn't know anything about computers chooses Home which is always a risk.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine told me that NetShareMonitor is a good utility in windows xp. does it works in vista?

here's the features from the website:
1. Alert on Remote Connection
2. Null Session Detection
3. Full Session Information
4. User Friendliness


Anonymous said...

I use to monitor the session on my server last time, and during critical time, I have to kick the user off and restart the server... all done in my ex-company, current company no more - iCalvyn.com


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